Food: Shirataki Noodles

…or how America´s media tends to call them already: “wonder noodles” which is kinda bullshit, because real noodles are something different, and a wonder it also is not really happening.

In this blog post I will not really be digging deep into the factual information, rather this is going to be an experience report on me trying it out.

Funnily enough, I never had known about those before I stumbled across a profile on Instagram – they had liked one of my photos, and I checked out their profile and then did some research on Shirataki and Shirataki noodles and rice and it sounded promising – very little carbs, but really heavy on fibers.

And the latter point is also the downside – the amount of fibers that this has might be heavy on your stomach, as it also was for me here and there. Funnily enough I don´t always struggle with stomach issues and feeling unwell, or having a blown up belly or something – I haven´t yet figured out why it is caused at times and sometimes not. but I nevertheless never regretted having traded in my noodles for the Shirataki ones.

So…the taste and smell. Well, when opening the package of the noodles, it smells like rotten fish, but once you´ve cleansed it under running water (I always do with hot water) for a couple of minutes, the smell is gone and ready to be either boiled and/or put into the pan. I dropped the cooking part and instead have it in the pan for a longer time, accompanied with a lot of spices, onions and sauce to have the noodles suck the taste up.really keep them into the pan until you see they are getting crisp, then it is perfect to take them out and out them onto a plate with whatever you wish for – it just fits to everything, like noodles do.

Therefore – for me as a Weight Watchers person ( a full pack has something around 1-2 points), those are amazing, yet I need to watch as my stomach is easily upset. But after a first “what the fuck” effect taste and consistancy wise, I just fell in love with those noodles!


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