Day X+62/63/64/65 – It´s all improving

26.10.2016 – Day X+62
I´ve called the job agency and finally got to know that seemingly there will be no blocking time for my unemployment benefits. Let´s wait and see what comes in wrtten – but it is good so I can, during the next days, finally finish off all the paper work that I still have left.

And that´s quite a bit, especially since today I decided on dropping application writing and doing a certificate course to  be an associate project manager after having finished the course. Means: from end of November till end of February I´ll be going back to school, 5 days a week mostly. Full time. But that also comes with some paper work, now that I have the contract ready after an “application talk” there with the head of that programme.

Afterwards it was time for an evening with my boyfriend…food, couch…and finally being able to at first turn off the mind, knowing things will get better and more relaxed now.

27.10.2016 – Day X+63
Next little sewing project – a little cover for a hot water bottle with fleece and seriously, I hate this material to a massive extent…it feels like it is stretching just when you look at that shit.

Anyways, the cover turned out okay, not perfect but sufficiently okay for me being a total beginner at sewing. The backside was more of a problem than the front side, but you gotta be creaive and get things fixed then. I will – at a later point – also post some photos of what I´ve been sewing so far.

But before I was able to get started with sewing, I was stuck at the dermatologist´s place to have them check my skin because from all the stress lately my skin kinda got screwed up…

28.10.2016 – Day X+64
Friday, relaxing day. I think. Well, hm, what did I do except for feeling like being struck down with a cold? Yeah, nothing until my boyfriend came by and we spent the evening relxing, laughing, having nice takeaway food and watching Transcendence (yesssss, Johnny Depp!)…

I enjoy those days/evenings with him, it is like coming home…even though waiting for the afternoon to be there was taking sooo long…especially since I couldn´t sew as my finger was still hurting and my leg aswell…

29.10.2016 – Day X+65
Finally the struggle is over when it comes to my unemployment benefits – the changed letter has just arrived and I can just relax. I mean yeah, since I was told it is going to be changed it was getting better, but having it in written and now just need for the mone to come in is a nice and relieving feeling.

The day has been a good one, breakfast with my boyfriend, weather is okay, I am collecting ideas for sewing and wishing it was Monday already so that my fabrics for the dress would already be arriving…

But to be fair, I had enough other things to do instead of this, my apartment looked and still looks like a mess and I also started packing for France a tad…not mich, but the first steps kinda.

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