Day X+66/67/68/69 – Time Time Time

Somehow I didn´t really find the time furing the past days to really be writing here, but I´ll try next week or the week after that it is getting better again – somehow. Not sure if that´s even possible with my busy schedule…and once I will be not busy anymore, I will be sewing. Busy again. 😉

30.10.2016 – Day X+66
Futsal…man for how long did I not see this sports live anymore. But when I was needing to leave the house I really wasn´t in the mood at all, but there was no choice. I just had to attend the match, I knew it was going to be good. And it really was. It had goosebumps feelings and a lot of love for the sports again. I really missed this, I noticed – no way how to deny this. I enjoyed every second of it, and clearly this will not have been the last time that I´ll watch the national futsal team – somehow I can identify much more with this team than with the soccer team…

Getting back and forth though was really annoying because of construction works of the rail tracks and so we were all squeezed ino too few and too little busses. So much fun. Cuddling with strangers. Urghs.

31.10.2016 – Day X+67
Halloween. But most importantly, the day when I finally saw Placebo live here in Hamburg. Super exciting and I really enjoyed it, especially all the melancholic songs (okay, they made me feel even more depressed afterwards, but…) and Brian Molko´s voice and…the fact they actually had dressed up for Halloween. It was cool, I didn´t expect this.

I had a seating place but noone around was really sitting, which was cool but tiring if the band plays around 2,5 hours and you are standing there..dead tired, no voice afterwards anymore and freakin happy. Even though they didn´t play two of my fave songs. It was no show where you could really go wild or anything, but it was a concert for the soul. It really gave me chills, I seriously have become a sucker for his voice.

I was home then really really late, close to 1am, because busses and trains do not run that well anymore at that time, and with the masses of people needing to get to main station, getting into a train was a challenge at the venue xD

Oh and…as my fabrics for sewing arrived, I did a “quick” beanie (being the noob I am, it took me around two hours) and really fell in love with it already 😀

01.11.2016 – Day X+68
Day of recovery for voice and body, the day of another hot bath and then in the afternoon/evening it was time for my boyfriend again to enjoy time together. The evening was again too short, as usual – nothing new anymore. Time always passes by so fast when we´re together. I think that´s a really good sign…will be wear to not see him for a week and hardly be able to write on WhatsApp…

02.11.2016 – Day X+69
The day before the trip…all about packing and tidying up so noone would drop dead in case they´d need to enter my apartment. Mainly also because I have this habit of being unable to leave my apartment messy and such. Just doesn´t work for me. Never has and never will, I will never leave the apartment ina  bad condition – no matter how chaotic it usually tends to be to be honest.

I had another neurodermatitis attack last night, and I don´t know why because I feel like I can at least finally partially relax and then my body does this and immediately I feel my stress level rising again. So frustrating for me. My little finger on my left hand looks terrible again, cortison creme it is again. Actually had hoped that I´d not need to pack at least this – I feel like being a walking pharmacy. Wish it was only this sign of stress, but it isn´t but I don´t feel like digging deeper to be fair.


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