Sewing: Hot water bottle cover

Size: A big hot water bottle (bought on Amazon)
Fabrics: Cotton webware (black with pattern) & light blue fleece
Pattern: The shape of the hot water bottle – how to create it based on this, check the video
Instructions: DIY Eule on YouTube
Time needed: ~2 hours

After I did the first things, I stumbled across a video of this little project and thought that it was really cute and being a hot water bottle lover anyways, it was just perfect. The cold time of the year just started and thus it becomes even more important.

I´ve been sewing fleece for the first time and really struggled, because I think I just pulled too much and thus the shape changed and everything got a bit tricky. But applying the cotton fabrics onto the fleece as you can see on the photo above was rather easy, but when closing the whole cover I ran out of yarn twice…I was close to totally freaking out and just dropping it but giving up close to the end…nope.

Well, I didn´t know what was still to come – you see that fucked up fabrics where you fill in the water into the hot water bottle? yeah, that was my nerve-killed try to apply some bias tape for the first time, not really having understood how to do it and somehow I also didn´t feel like digging any deeper…I feel embarassed now, as it is pretty easier as I figured out later on when I worked on the topic with more time…

And yeah…as mentioned, the fleece worked against me, and so I had to kinda fix the backside of it, as there was gap showing between upper and lower part of the fabrics…and you gotta be creative, see below…

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