Sewing: Beanie

Size: Taken from how big my head is – yay for measuring tape!
Fabrics: Cotton jersey  – once in black and once with print (from
Pattern: PattyDoo // Freebook
Instructions: Pattydoo on YouTube
Time needed: ~2.5 hours
When I tackled this, it was before the Placebo concert and I was really thinking that I would never ever get it all finished before actually going to the show, but having received the fabrics, I just had to do something with them. And as the freebook was promoted to be easy, and I had already printed it as it was on my to-do list, I gave it a go.

And stuggled with already cutting the fabrics into the pieces that I needed. I felt so retarded but a stretching fabrics is just a bitch…but I made it rather quickly and then the sewing was, thanks to the YouTube instructions, pretty easy to follow.

I was able to watch it as I was sewing, and it worked really well – except for some smaller fuck ups that you luckily cannot see because they´re on the inside. At times the fabrics just moved differently to what I had expected and then I was off the fabrics quicker than expected and was like “oooooh wtf”. And I wasn´t really convinced until I had turned it onto the right side and looked at it, also how nice the stitches turned out when looking from the outside…

…just to notice I actually used the fabrics upside down. It isn´t really obvious but it kinda made me pissed in the aftermath ^^ Because…since when is a dreamcatcher hanging like THIS? xD


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