Flashback: Rouen & Lille (05. & 06.11.2016)

It had been hard to motivate myself to keep going and not go home – the only reason was that I had already invetsed money and somehow…going back to Hamburg also did not sound too promising. I also wondered if I should be going to Karlsruhe on Thursday – but when you´re reading this, it is where I am. In Karlsruhe, for Apocalyptica – again.

05.11.2016 – Rouen

The day after the misery of show, and I was tired and fully in backpain, including a freakin swollen eye (no idea how that happened, but cooling, much drinking and and and kinda make me look like a normal human being again en course of the day). I felt crippled, and my mood was so low it could have not gotten any lower – but after paying the hotel, we started the drive to Rouen, taking around 4-5hours. Always hoping the rain would just stop and sunshine would brighten up the mood, and it even did. Here and there, before the sun was hiding behind dark clouds again, it was a coming and going.

And boy…finding out how to get to the hotel…the GPS led us all around when entering the address, and when we searched for the hotel in the GPS it was working after struggles but…we got to see the surroundings of the hotel and were certain that we do not want to walk around there…that was for sure.

Instead we first made a first stop then at the venue after having changed and relaxed a bit and decided on going for a walk aroun the city instead of queueing there in the cold. It wouldn´t have made any sense, especially because it got raining a lot shortly before doors opened and I was not in the mood to get soaking wet. not after the performance I had seen the day before.

But we got in after doors had opened and it all was pretty relaxed, and I even ended up in row 2 just where I wanted to be standing – I think that´s a pretty good outcome and so was the show. Tipe´s singing improved quite a bit compared to the day before, also less mistakes in the cello playing and it really had become far more fun, and I really enjoyed it. And I always loved the interaction between band and audience, and today was then not any different.

After the show it was time to wait for the band, in the windy and cold outsides of the venue – had a nice view as it was close to the river and the lights nicely reflected, but…cold. And it took long but it was worth it, clearly. I always feel like a stalker though when waiting there. And the longer I follow the band, the worse it actually feels…it is less and less becoming my cup of tea somehow.

And right when the band had vanished into the bus, the wind turned extreme and all of a sudden it was raining/hailing and you were hardly able to walk straight…it was freaking crazy and the rather short way to the car felt like kilometers…and the shower at the hotel was even better then after this kind of a experience 😉

06.11.2016 – Lille

It was a late going to sleep last night, and the night had been too short. Again. The rings under my eyes had been growing, but at least my right eye wasn´t too swollen anymore. But still, I felt more like a zombie, uncommunicative and unsocial at its best.

As we had promised to drop off a fellow fan after an hour on our way from Rouen to Lille, I kinda stayed silent for that time because my French sucks and it was a good excuse to just doze off and daydream in the back of the car. Many thoughts on my mind, positive ones mostly because music is my medicine.

The hotel in Lille…well. Literally around the corner of the venue, which was the perfect thing ever. But getting tere and also to the underground parking lot…jeeeez whata  struggle again, I really have no idea what French people were thinking when creating all these streets…gets me aggressive just when thinking about it, really.

The room itself, really amazing. A big shower, with bathtub, an overly comfy bed and quite a lot of space…and it was a good day, even though my stomach didn´t really like the day, I had eaten something bad and felt really stomach sick since the early afternoon hours so I didn´t do as much sightseeing as I had actually planned to be doing.

The show itself…frontrow, where I always belong. And it was a great show, I really enjoyed it. And…there was a surprise – they played “Path Vol II” with Tipe as a singer, and fuck this was sounding just amazing! I felt like lightning struck me when they played the first tunes, it was just…a surprise from another planet. It was amazing, I really hope they will play it again!
After the show it was waiting time again, in the cold. And it felt much longer than in Rouen – maybe because I was slightly annoyed by waiting but I did it anyways.

And looking back at it, it was again just the right thing to do but my feet and hands were freezing off so badly and the shower couldn´t warm me up anymore. I was curled up then in this 2ppl blanket as if I was stuck in Lapland in winter. Outside. I was just freezing and not getting warm again…


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