Flashback: Karlsruhe (10.11.2016)

Apocalyptica related blogpost again! No surprise as I kinda announced it already – and whilst writing this, I am trying not to fall sleep whilst sitting or typing, which is a freaking major challenge. (and I gave up, that´s why you didn´t get the report last night but just today ^^)

Why so? Because I came home at 11am this morning, after having left for Karlsruhe yesterday at before 8.30am.

My time schedule – afterwards you might understand a bit better, why I am so dead tired:
7:48am – Going to Hamburg main station
8.30am – Hamburg mainstation -> Karlsruhe
1:08pm – Arrival in Karlsruhe
2:05pm – First checking out of the venue
7:00pm – Doors open
8:00pm – Dagoba, the support band, started playing
8:30pm – Dagoba was survived (I still don´t really like them)
9:00pm – Apocalyptica were finally on stage!
…waiting for the band in between 😉
05:04am – Train to Mannheim left
05:54am – Train from mannheim to Hamburg left
10:49am – Arrival at Hamburg main station

It´s been one of those massive trips that i shouldn´t be doing when already being sick or well, not being all healthy but it was all booked and I hate the feeling of “losing” money through these things. So I went anyways, and on the trainride to Karlsruhe I was surprised how the snow vanished the more south I went – I started off with a tad of snow in hamburg, then it became a bit more and after an hour of napping, I woke up to green fields. I was totally irritated and seriously worried I might´ve missed my stop and ended up already at some place further away…but no, just a “slight” change in weather.

But sunshine didn´t last for long, because when I got off the train in Karlsruhe it was all nice still, but when I got out of the mainstation, it all of a sudden started raining…backed up in again, and once it was only drizzling, I started my 3km walk to the venue as google maps had told me there was no public transport going there (just a sidenote – once I was there, I notived there were three trams running close by)…the walk was alright, I enjoyed moving because it makes you awake and warm even though it could have been much colder.

I was the first one at the venue, no surprise there. Always feel retarded when this happens, because I feel like the band sees this and is like “oh, SHE again”…but I just kept on walking around, and the area closely around the venue is pretty cool, with all the old buildings and such…the further surroundings were less interesting, and less charming to look at. Instead of walking around in the rain I decided to go and warm up with my friends before grabbing some food at a Subway restaurant that you cannot even find on google maps – like really, what is wrong with google maps and Karlsruhe? -.-

And then went to the venue again and yaaay, I wasn´t the first one anymore, but someone who – as we figured out during chatting – I was writing with on FB already about Franky Perez, Apocalyptica´s usual singer, not being with the band during this tour…the world is so small at Apocalyptica shows, I love that 😀

Queueing was…as usual. Freezing off your ass during the last few minutes before they opened the doors too late and let us into a venue where I wondered how on earth to fit in 950 people. It looked so small, same for the stage. But I got a nice place and during the support band I even enjoyed two of their songs – never thought it would happen, but the stuff they sing with a clear voice actually sounds really nice. Just all the other stuff doesn´t…but I survived that half an hour and was even happier when Apocalyptica got on stage. It was a great show, even though I´d have loved to hear “Path 2” again…but nope. They said it might´ve been the only time they ever played this…which is such a loss!

Anyways, the show went by far too fast, it felt like it was over in the blink of an eye this time. I don´t know why but…my voice was also partially gone afterwards, but recovered when I went to the venue´s cafe to have a drink and enjoy the silence and warmth before standing outside in the cold, waiting for the band again. A last time this year. And it was worth the waiting again, before I decided I needed some me-time and went to the trainstation instead of going to my friends´ hotel…

Being around many people for a longer time has become exhausting for me since I have lost my job, and so I enjoyed it to be alone at the mainstation, though the amount of creepy people constantly was growing so I asked for shelter at the Ibis Hotel close by – and was welcomed with open arms, a chatty receptionist, a free hot tea and the chance to be napping on the couch for an hour. I never was welcomed so warmhearted to a hotel lobby – it kinda made my night 🙂

The trainride home went rather smooth, though I had to do a quick run in Mannheim to catch my ICE to Hamburg. And then I just laid down on three seats and fell asleep. Immediately. And slept until close before arriving in Hamburg. It wasn´t comfy, but I was so dead tired that I couldn´t care anymore, I´d have fallen asleep at any place at that time…


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