Always on Sunday (16)

Wow, the week is over already again and I feel like I literally got nothing useful done. After I returned from France, all I did was eating and sleeping, and then there was the show in karlruhe and afterwards I again did nothing useful…it somehow felt good to be totally lazy but still…next week will be more productive, I think.

// Listened to //
Apocalyptica but even even more silence because in between the concerts which always are stressing for my ears, silence is the best way how to really recover from it and have it easier to let the mind flow…

// Done // Traveled to Karlruhe for Apocalyptica, last show of the Shadowmaker Tour here in Europe…crazy that this touring cycle is now over aswell, it has passed by way to fast. Oh and, I had to…I voiced some criticism, I suck at it and lately was afraid to really lose people when doing so, but at times it is a good thing to do because you notice that you share that opinion ^^

// Eaten // Lasagna. Twice. Both times after returning from my Apocalyptica trips. It is nice and heavy and fat and unhealthy, just what you need after exhausting times. Besides this, I am tring to get back to Weight Watchers eating again, will be a touch challenge but I am positive because there is no trips coming up anymore at least. Just worried that getting sick will again kill these healthy eating plans…

// Thought // Too many people. Really. I like being around people still, but it´s felt like it got kinda out of hand and I am someone who needs a lot of time for myself, and after France I had little time and then Karlsruhe and on Sunday now I am also on the road…I think I will stay inside next week 😉

// Happy about // That I think it is going uphill with my mood, even though it is still baby steps…knowing I will soon be doing something useful for my fucked up career is feeling light a tiny light at the end of the tunnel, even though having a job would be still far better.

// Read // Posts on Facebook groups on sewing and everything – this is what I tend to be reading lately, because it is what interests me the most right now. Especially looking at what others are writing in regards of the stuff I also want to be sewing…

// Angry about // Google Maps – because it showed me there was no public transport going from Karlsruhe main station to Substage, the venue there. And when walking around in the area, I stumbled across a tram station. With trams going to mainstation. Like every 5-10 minutes. Really Google Maps, really?! You make me walk damned 3km and then this? Nice. Not.

// Wished for // Warmer and more dry weather. I hate when it is drizzling or raining or just humid…it is terrible, especially combined with wind and cold weather…ultimate death for my health and me.

// Dreamt about // Too tired to even dream anything. xD

// Bought // A magazine on sewing and some more fabrics and…some stuff that I actually needed. it is terrible, you know – I always browse for the things I need and then there is a great fabric with a cute pattern and before I realize it I also ordered it…damnit.

// Clicked // Sewing groups in facebook – because whenever I thought I had found a group without stupid bitches laughing and complaining about every question, these assholes turn up in that just joined group. I am so fed up with this all, all of those arrogant ones also started from scratch at some point and asked “stupid” questions, so what.

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2 Responses to Always on Sunday (16)

  1. Laura says:

    Love your always on sunday post and thanks for joining the link party! 🙂
    I can totally related to the “too many people” problem. Most people are nice and it’s nice to be around them, but it can be exhausting af!

    • I love being social and around people, but I need looooads of me-time and if I do not get that time…I can turn into a monster from one second to the other hahahaha 😀

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