Day X+70-81 – Gotta catch up!

I haven´t really been writing these entries for a while, simply because my Apocalyptica trips took most of the time, and being on the road and unable to be blogging every evening, it kinda piled up – so here you have a little sum up on what happened, also in between the trips (nothing too exciting, but you know…)…

03.11.2016 – Day X+70
Travelling to Paris for all the France shows of Apocalyptica – have a look **here** for the report!

04.11.2016 – Day X+71
Apocalyptica in Nancy – have a look **here** for the report!

05.11.2016 – Day X+72
Apocalyptica in Rouen – have a look **here** for the report!

06.11.2016 – Day X+73
Apocalyptica in Lille – have a look **here** for the report!

07.11.2016 – Day X+74
Travel day back from Lille to Hamburg, with the bus from Lille to Düsseldorf and then from Düsseldorf to Hamburg by train…it just took me around 10 to 11h. The bus ride was really relaxed, noone sitting next to me, so I was able to be napping most of the time. The train ride I spent chatting with a Danish woman who also had been on my bus earlier on. I would´ve preferred to sleep because I was so worn out and fighting against my cold, but that was okay, too. Afterwards, I ate a full pack of lasagna that I had bought before the trip and then went to sleep. Not too bad as it was afternoon already anyways…

08.11.2016 – Day X+75
Have I mentioned sleep? This is what I did most of the day before picking up my boyfriend from work and then spending a cozy and relaxed evening together. Too azy for big activities, but that´s not always needed…couch, tea, good food and some TV…couldn´t have been any better^^

09.11.2016 – Day X+76
I feel like always being on the road – after not even having unpacked from France, today when I was back home again I was packing my backpack for Karlsruhe and I seriously was not looking forward to it much – still freezing, still weak and sneezing…oh and have I mentioned tired? So yeah, this accompanied by Trump being elected as the new president kinda made this day…amazing. Just waking up next to my boyfriend was really positive there…and the bit of sewing preparation that I did…

10.11.2016 – Day X+77
Apocalyptica in Karlsruhe – have a look **here** for the report!

11.11.2016 – Day X+78
Arriving home from Karlsruhe, and that kinda sums up the day pretty well. Sleeping, having food, eating a lot of unhealthy stuff and warming up with  a hot bath. And fighting against the urge of falling asleep wherever I was sitting – even when sitting in front of the computer it was quite a struggle xD

12.11.2016 – Day X+79
Finally I had the time to be unpacking, doing laundry and trying to clear the mess in my apartment after sleeping for around 12 hours. I am permanently hungry, but I try to get back to normal eating behaviour again, though feeling pretty blue is not really helping at all. Also, I started preparations for sewing a dress soon-ish, and that´s the part I dislike the most to be totally honest. The cutting of the pattern and then cutting the fabrics…it always looks like I cannot even cut straight…sigh.

Actually I had planned to be going for a walk to clear my nose a bit but it is too cold and I am still freezing when it has 21°C in my apartment…and with its -3°C outside, this clearly doesn´t work together…

13.11.2016 – Day X+80
Being at home? Nah, boring! My boyfriend´s dad celebrated his birthday, so I went to Geesthacht in the morning and then back in the evening. It was a nice time, felt good to be out there with my boyfriend and everything, though I need to admit that I am really having enough of poeple around me. I´ve been so social lately, that the coming week I will reduce any kind of human contact to a minimum xD Plus, it is freezing as hell, a few more degrees would really be nice and make going for walks far more comfortable…

14.11.2016 – Day X+81
I am waiting for the IKEA people to again deliver my table and shelves that I bought earlier on today – the first try failed because I was told they´d call me an hour before delivery, but all of a sudden I got a call saying they´d be in front of the house…but I wasn´t home. So yeah, I hope this time it works out better than the first try.
Besides this, food shopping and trying to sort all my washed laundry, cooking and not doing much even though I got up early – I have no idea where time actually went.


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