Day X+82-85 – It´s all about sewing!

Lately I am so much sucked up in the sewing process of my very first dress, that I spent evenings on just doing this – sewing, swearing and wanting to through out the sewing machine. Sometimes. Okay, more often.

But once the dress is ready, you will be getting a more detailed report on how it´s been going – but now: let´s talk!

No wait, let me talk^^
And you listen. And read. And such things.

15.11.2016 – Day X+82
I put together the last little things for my sewing corner, as I got all my IKEA stuff last evening and had set it up…now it is time to make it cozy and good looking so that it is how I feel comfy, whih really is important for me. And I want it to be tidy and neat and not such a mess as my computer desk is.

Then I also started copying the dress pattern onto a new paper, which is…well I hate it. Lesson learned, maybe. Same goes for the backpain that I got through standing and copying there for quite a while…

16.11.2016 – Day X+83
Sometimes you gotta pay for the learning – and I did. I will never buy a printed pattern anymore and then copy it onto a different sheet of paper – it is a fucking annoying work and really was close to killing my will to actually get the dress started. Especially since I doubt anyways that this will go anywhere. Small things yeah fine but a dress?

And well…let´s put it this way…in the evening I then also fucked something up, and not once, but twice – I could´ve easily covered it up by making the not printed side the one to be seen on the back, but as I applied both arm pieces wrongly, I cannot hide it anymore…damnit. I was so angry, no words for this anymore…

17.11.2016 – Day X+84
Paper work for my housing money application – oh son fun. Cleaning – even more fun. Same for tidying up. Only positive thing was sewing, because the things that were still left were rather easy and nothing to really worry about – until I noticed I neuther had a cord nor pearls to finish it up…that really made me pissed, because I so wanted to get it all done.

But as I was in “doing mood”, I started a skirt I wanted to do anyways but now with the dress-fabrics as a test run. Because I had bought fabrics for the skirt to wear it on Christmas, so it rather turn out better then…because I wanna look good at Christmas celebrations!

18.11.2016 – Day X+85
I had the plan to finish my dress, buying some cords and pearls…I got the damned cords but not the pearls as the store didn´t have any and I was totally shocked about this, because if you have a zillion buttons, I kinda expected them to have simpel pearls. But nope, fail.

So I went home without those and my dress is still on hold until the pearls that I ordered online will be arriving next week. Yes, I am angry, like…really.
The rest of the day I spent mostly with tidying up, doing laundry, washing dishes so that my boyfriend who comes in the evening will not die from my messy apartment…


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