Always on Sunday (17)

Never on Sunday…or something like this would be more fitting I suppose…there is always so much to do that in the evening all I want to do is sitting on the couch and…do nothing ^^

// Listened to //
A lot of stuff of Franky Perez – stuff of him with Apocalyptica but also his solo stuff, because his voice just makes me feel really comfortable and I still am so gutted that he wasn´t with the guys in Europe…still heartbroken.

// Done // Sewing and sewing and swearing and all of this, and trying desperately to really hit the 10.000 steps each and every day, and I´ve been doing really well – better than expected, yet I should be thinking about maybe trying to hit the 15.000 every day…so yeah, walking, sewing, eating, a loooooad of sleeping and being typical female with freezing…

// Eaten // Fresh spinach with spread cheese and onions – it is a great alternative to the frozen stuff you get in the stores and really doesn´t require much time or skills…and it is so tasty I could eat tons of it, even though the spread cheese is having quite some calories (yes, I am using the light version due to Weight Watchers)…

// Thought // That I should be using Netflix more, looking at the fact that I am paying for a prescription. Generally I should focus more on watching less shitty things on free TV and switch over to Amazon and Netflix again as I had been doing before.

// Happy about // How it seemingly is rather easy to actually sew with a zipper…that mkes selfmade hoodies comes muuuuuuch closer than I had expected – but you know, YouTube really saves my ass with these things as reading instructions is not my cup of tea, I need to see the steps and nothing else…

// Read // A lot about fabrics for sewing and which is useful for what kind of a project and which needles and whatnot…I really need to get a hold on all this knowledge, and that´s the annoying part about my new hobby to be fair…

// Angry about // Job agency again…it is funny how they will pay me the travel costs (aka the public transport ticket)  that I will have because of my course just at the end of December as it looks hilarious is that? Do they think I can throw around with money? It´s not like I wouldn´t have it but they do that even with people who don´t have it. And that just makes me angry.  They make you feel like you aren´t even in the lowest cast of society, but even one lower. Like an annoying piece of shit you are being treated. I could rant on forever…

// Wished for // …the time with my boyfriend not to run by so quickly…as it usually is when you have a great time, time flies by and hours feel like a blink of the eye…

// Dreamt about // A lot about my boyfriend, Apocalyptica and Placebo…it is an odd mix, but probably caused by what I listen to, which YouTube videos I watched and everything….

// Bought // Things for sewing again, as usual. Wooden pearls to finish off my dress and some other smaller things I needed, nothing big though this time for a change. I am proud that I was able to resist buying more 😉

// Clicked // Pages for sewing fabrics…because I am always on the hunt for new ones, new patterns and everything…new creative ideas – e.g. from “Geschickt eingefädelt”, a sewing show on Vox…


2 thoughts on “Always on Sunday (17)

  1. Jeez, sewing is my personal kryptonite. I can’t even get a button sewn own. Well, I can, but it’s not that it’s looking properly done. I am so happy that I can give all the sewing stuff to my Mom and she is able to fix almost everything. I’ve tried learning to sew for at least a zillion times, but I will never master it 😀 I’m more that kind of a book writing girl, I guess :’D

    1. Hahahahaha I always thought I´d not be good at it, but I am surprised I am kinda good at it…at least the outcomes don´t look that bad (as you will see during the week…) as I would´ve expected xD

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