Day X+86-90 – The rest is over!

My last day in “freedom”, aka before my project management course will be starting tomorrow – maybe then there will be more stuff to tell than I lately felt there was about my daily life. And that´s also been the reason why I hardly blogged every day, I felt it was not worth it to write separate entries for each and every day…

19.11.2016 – Day X+86
After my boyfriend had left around lunchtime – and left me in a rather lazy mood to be fully honest, I made a quick walk to the store and then back on the couch until that thought of “stop being so useless” came up in my head and I decided on doing something…

So I got up my ass and started editing the photos from Nancy on the Rocks, because it´s been about freaking time that I get to do that – no fun to look at semi-nice photos of Apocalyptica, but the pictures kinda reflect how the show was like…not too amazing, but both parties gave their best 😉

In the evening I had a really lovely dinner – fresh spinach, accompanied with spread cheese for the creamy-ness and pasta with onion…sooooo delicious, I could eat that each and every day, seriously…

20.11.2016 – Day X+87
I had planned to be sewing but ended up finally trying to get a hold of all these unedited photos that I still have on my hard drive and those really need to be worked on – and then I worked on them, worked on them and did even more and then the day was over – it really felt like the day was flying by and somehow that didn´t make me too happy and excited. I am not a fan of photo editing, but it´ that necessary evil for me in this case if the light was terrible and you simply need to work on them. Hopeless case, but it will never be too much fun for me I suppose 😉

21.11.2016 – Day X+88
This day was like a rollercoaster of feelings, because I was terribly happy and proud to have finished my skirt and my dress…but during finishing the skirt, my needle broke and the top piece disappeared to somewhere and I opened my sewing machine to find it, as it had started to be bitching after that happened and had to take some parts apart and then one of the samned screws flew off and…was not to be found again. I tried everything to find it, but nothing. I totally freaked out as it´s a screw that I really need…

Went to the damned store close by where I also bought some smaller things before but no, they don´t have anything from that manufacturer anymore – but yeah, leave that shit sign outside, advertising you as a specialist for those sewing macines of that manufacturer. I went back and started googling and emailing, and even found someone who could supply me with that screw…and I am really hoping that it is working out and is not just a fake one…

22.11.2016 – Day X+89
A special day…as I had finished my skirt, I wore it when meeting with my boyfriend for going out for dinner at Mongo´s restaurant here in Hamburg again. And I am kinda proud that the skirt looks that good – surely it has some flaws but nevertheless I love it – especially when wearing it in combination with my beanie having the same fabrics and colors…

The evening was great again, good food, nice service personnel and being out with my boyfriend always is just something to enjoy – and afterwards fall into bed, feeling like a strandled whale…I really looked pregnant, too much eating…but it was just too good again 😀

23.11.2016 – Day X+90
Yaaaay, anniversary day of my unemployment – paaaaarty 😉 Like, 3 months of not having been to work ^^ No, I am not celebrating at all, don´t even think about this. All I do today is try to get my house scores done as my project management course starts tomorrow. And opposite to when I was arranging the course, I am totally not looking forward to it anymore – to getting up early in the morning, to be stuck in lessons all day where you are only allowed to drink water (nothing else, insurance reasons lalalala bullshit) and then maybe even get homework and such things…

Oh and have I mentioned that being social all day long will be a challenge? It just feels like moving into a shared apartment full of people that need to be there and try to survive but not really live together in that sense…and I am not sure if I will even manage to socialize and stuff…but let´s see.

I am still waiting for this damned screw for my sewing machine to arrive, or that dude to email me back with his bank account data so I can transfer him the money…maybe he realized in the end that he doesn´t have it and now just has disappeared…which sucks because I really need that screw to work on things that should be ready for Christmas…

In the meantime I am enjoying the cookies that my aunt sent me…
I. Must. Resist. To. Not. Eat. All. Of. Them. At. Once…. ❤


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