Sewing: Casual Skirt

Size: 44
Fabrics: Cotton jersey  – once in black and once with print (from
Pattern: PattyDoo // Freebook “Lisa”
Instructions: Pattydoo on YouTube
Time needed: ~3.5h

Note: pullover on photo   is NOT done by myself xD

It´s been the first time that I was working with this ripple tape that you had to sew onto the fabrics so it gives nice waves…and well, it did not go as easy as I had expected and therefore you can see some flaws, as I didn´t stretch the tape well enough and at the same rate everywhere, but with the ready skirt you can hardly see it.

The rest of it was fairly easy, and now I finally understood how the hell to sew cuffs and I mean, how slow and dumb have I been before that I didn´t get it? Like…really? I wish I would´ve understood that already with the dress that I will present you next, but well, better late than never.

The thing I struggled with was all of a sudden a broken needle when sewing the lower part of the skirt, making the end of it look neat – needle broke and afterwards nothing wanted to work properly anymore, my yarn was torn off every few centimetres and I was close to really freaking out and dropping it…but you know, so close to the end you just need to keep going, and looking at the result I am really proud to be honest 😉

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