Day X+91-97 – It is all confusing

Well…I´ve been waiting for a while with actually writing this because…well, mood-reasons. If you don´t feel like writing, then forcing yourself into it with such a “hobby project”, nope, not gonna happen.

I will soon be back to writing normally again once my mood has improved again (which will probably happen during the next few days) so that I can present you better blog entries 😀

24.11.2016 – Day X+91
First day at “school”, well, at my course. And funnily enough, I am sitting next to someone who also had worked at my former company…and we actually know each other from the same but never really had close contact…but it is funny how these poeple are just literally everywhere it feels like it. It feels weird to get up in time to be there at 8.30am – not my cup of tea anymore at all, it clearly will take a while until I get used to this again…

25.11.2016 – Day X+92
Day two of my course and…I was dead tired in the morning and anything but in a good mood…and that day was one of those where I should´ve stayed in bed, the longer the day, the worse my mood…hopeless case…

26.11.2016 – Day X+93
I got my rejection for the next Winter Olympics games and had a good laugh that seemingly my English wasn´t good enough for them…well then, ore money for other madness in 2018. I can live with that – and already have plans what to do with the money and time. Surely I am a tad disappointed, but no can do. Kinda matched that whole day when it comes to success, but let´s not get into detail…

27.11.2016 – Day X+94
I tried to sort things in my apartment but failed. I tried to bake. And failed. I tried to make delicious spinach again. And failed. Well at least I amnaged to complete my 6km walk before my headache and later on migraine joined me to kill the day pretty early in the evening – it´s been a while that I went to bed at before 8pm…

28.11.2016 – Day X+95
After a night with slight migraine, I felt crippled when getting up for my project amanegment course (at least it started later than it usually does) and that didn´t change at all during the day – my headache remained and I felt unconcentrated and off track and nothing really wanted to work. My course mates partially tried to make me smile or laugh, but that was just a waste of time to be fully honest. No chance today…

29.11.2016 – Day X+96
Migraine last night again, so I am just quickly filling this blog here on today. Not doing much except for enjoying silence and darkness and relaxing, drinking 3l of water and trying to live as healthy as possible to kill the leftover headaches.

30.11.2016 – Day X+97
Felling better again, even though a slight headache is still remaining and tht drives me crazy. Especially when you have a full day of talking about communication in my project management course and that does require quite some communication. And that just doesn´t work as I want it to…but well… Plus I have some tooth ache or tooth flesh ache or something…my body always finds something new…it is tiring.

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