Happy New Year!

My lovely readers,

yet another year has passed by and you witnessed a huge amount of ups and downs that I reported – let´s hop into this new year 2017 and make it a successful and healthy year, a year full of love, laughs, smiles and tears of joy!

Thanks for sticking with me!



Flashback: 2016

Another year is over and it´s not been all sunshine, but also had its clouds, rain and thunder and somehow I am happy and sad at the very same time that 2016 is now coming to its end. And maybe other things aswell, it feels like you gotta move on though you cannot really because some things are still really present and also will be…but…read yourself what happened during 2016!


  • Started my first pole dancing course
    After my testing lesson in December 2015 I was all excited and still was after the course, no matte rhow many bruises I had on my body, how many hurting muscles and limbs I had, and no matte rhow many yet unknown muscles I discovered…it really boosted my self-confidence, also in regards of my body.
  • There was snow o.O
    Yes, even Hamburg had snow – and public transport was of course surprised and totally overtaxed…
  • Works council meeting for my former company – or well, the voting if or not…
    The most hilarious thing I have ever experienced in my life so far, really. And I was embarassed about how some colleagues were acting and what they had to ask or to say…and that whole thing took sooo many hours…and the outcome was also useless.
  • Booked the summer vacations in Syvota
    Excitement! Finally booked the summer vacations with my boyfriend together – 2 weeks of summer, sun and beach…


  • Pole dance performance
    And I was sooooo scared and worried and insecure – and it turned out really well, I looked fab and was so relieved and happy about dancing there and it then being over…


  • Self made noodles
    I was on my “do it yourself”-trip, so I decided I wanted to quickly make some noodles and well…it was clearly not quick and the noodles were a “tad” too thick, but throwing them into the pan with veggies, it was just so amazing and tasted so much better than normal and ready made pasta…
  • Easter fire
    At my boyfriend´s parents´ place – it was a nice day and evening, sitting together and everything…and I love fires like that soooo much!
  • Therm Lüneburg
    Went to spend the day at the therm in Lüneburg and went to Lüneburg itself for the very first time – that place for swimming and relaxing is really sweet and small, clearly worth it if you are anywhere close to it. Same goes for the city with all of its old houses…


  • Striptease testing lesson
    Did that testing lesson at the pole dance studio and to be fair, I think I´ve never felt so hilarious than whilst doing this with an even more terrible song…I really didn´t feel attractive or sexy at all, and decided to not do this ever again. Maybe I am not having the right feel for my body yet, but…nope. So over the top and…
  • 2 years at the company
    Which is funny somehow, having thought I´d run off before even reaching the two years…but since I started my doing more and more project management work rather than product management work, I felt more and more comfy…I could continue doing this as a main and official job ^^


  • Bought high heels for pole dancing
    They´re black with nice glitter – but, have a funfact: I haven´t worn them for pole dancing up until now, but at least I walked around in my apartment and halfway broke my legs whilst trying to walk around…I survived, and loved how I look wearing them, but somewhen I really gotta use them…
  • Bought a new – and real – massive TV
    My old TV well…it was not really a TV, because even an average TV screen is bigger than the screen of my old TV…so I really needed a new one, a big and proper one and I got myself an amazing smart TV that I am totally in love with!
  • The New Black played Hamburg
    …and I loved the show, with photographing and having my boyfriend with me of course! It´s been the best combination there could have been!


  • Getting my contract to be official a Junior Project Manager at the company – really a success for me, finally being where I wanted to be for quite a long while
  • Someone close to me died 😦
  • Had a pinched nerve and was hardly able to move or breathe, the doctor “broke” my back into pieces to loosen it and tortured me with accupuncture needles – I passed out needless to say
  • Having to sell my Sixx:A.M. (support: The New Black) concert ticket because of foot injury and not being able to stand for long – that was clearly a heartbreaking thing for me
  • HSH Nordbank Run
    …with quite a good time for the distance actually – especially keeping in mind that my crappy old sports shoes had created a blister and ripped off the skin of the blister whilst running even..wounds for the win, I suffered for the next week after that and decided I sooner or later will need new running shoes
  • Vacations in Greece (Syvota) with my boyfriend
    Away in the sun, with sea and amazing times full of food, swimming, stony beaches and great trips with sightseeing. It was just what I needed, and I even managed to get a tan that stayed for ages!


  • Vacations in Greece (Syvota) with my boyfriend – away in the sun, sea and amazing times full of food, swimming, stony beaches and great trips with sightseeing
  • Starting my boating lessons and also theoretical lessons for the boating license
  • New and expensive (but extremely nice anc omfy) running shoes at Runner´s Point here in Hamburg
  • Complaint fight with Condor for the rescheduled flights from Hamburg (then Hannover) to Corfu back and forth…ended up in getting less back than I wanted but was sick and tired of the writing and discussing
  • Apocalyptica concert in Chemnitz – what a hell of a drive there and back, in total more than 12 hours for a 1:30h long concert…cheers to insanity!


  • Watching soccer in Berlin
    …and doing some half day sightseeing with my boyfriend until we got fully soaked
    from the rain and decided on taking a train earlier back to Hamburg
  • Hoop testing lesson
    …and loving it, despite my whole body being bruised and riped off skin…and muscles aching
  • Dropping the boating exam
    …because of being so overtaxed by…life (what a shitty decision, in restrospective)
  • Getting the notice about my dismissal
    Bye bye job – after 2.5 years, they got rid off me, like around 399 other employees…thank you for ruining it all.


  • Out of work
    …as I didn´t need to go to the office anymore from September 1st on
  • Official end of my time at my company, as I was dismissed for 30th of September on…
  • Photographing at Hamburg Metal Dayz & The Trash Mercenaries Tour 
  • Seeing Faey at MPS
    …and being at MPS itself with my boyfriend was a great time even though the weather was a tad bitchy at the start
  • My laptop screen died and I got a new computer and screen
    …thanks to my boyfriend for putting all the pieces together and everything so I only had to say what I wanted to do with it and if I had special wishes 😉 Now I have two screens and a fab computer as a whole
  • Winning a voucher of eating 12 times for free at my fave restaurant, Mongo´s
    …which I really did not expect at all, because whenever I really want to win something I don´t win, and this clearly feels like a jackpot 😀

  • My 27th birthday
    …going to Mongo´s with my boyfriend for dinner and having a sweet evening…but man, time is passing by fast, I always just notice that when thinkin about it when people ask me about my age xD
  • Going to Lüneburg
    …with my boyfriend for window shopping and watching “Finding Dorie” in the movies (was a birthday present <3)


  • First match of the German Futsal Nationalteam in Hamburg
    …and I went to watch it, because it is the most natural thing to for me if there is such a special event and then even in Hamburg, was a goose bumps feeling when they played the German national anthem!
  • Placebo live in concert
    …for the first time and I really lost my heart to it, so much fun, and what a voice and how many feelings and…Brian…hot!
  •  Scrum course (agile project management)
    …for my Scrum Master certification and also passing this exam (postponing the Product Owner exam to later…) with the hope to find a job easier with it but…nope.
  • Bought my sewing maschine
    …and started sewing with first little projects and slightly getting hooked on it (by the end of the year I am all hooked)
  • Sightseeing/harbour boat trip
    with my aunt who was visiting Hamburg – I love those boat trips because I simply love boats!


  • Following Apocalyptica
    …for three shows in France and one show in Karlsruhe/Germany and thanks to that being an all-the-time-freezing-being because of being permanently fighting a massive cold. And you know what – my friends and I did this trip mostly to see Franky Perez singing with them for the last shows in Europe and take a damned guess who wasn´t there…Yep, Franky Perez! So disappointed, but the trips were fun anyhow!
  • Trump was elected
    …as a new president of the USA and I wanted to throw up because of that. And that kinda comes with not wanting to enter the country during the next years unless somehting happens with my family or anything eually important requests me to come there.
  • Bought new furniture
    …new tables and some shelves for my sewing stuff – now my apartment gets really stuffed, but my kitchen table was just no option anymore – too small and I needed the table in the kitchen. Still some additions planned, but that is the future 😉
  • Certificate project management course
    …started on November 24th, financed by the job agency to make me certified associate project manager and thus give me better chances to find a new job. That´s the theory. First off I need to survive all lessons and tasks and exams…
  • “Broke” my sewing machine
    …by cleaning and then having a damned screw go loose and i was never seen again, and neitehr stores no manufacturer wanted/were able to replace it so I had to buy a new sewing machine


  • Blacklight minigolfing here in Hamburg
    …and it is amazing, really. All the drawings and rows there…was an experience also without the partially offered 3D glasses which I dislike anyways 😉
  • My sick perfectionism
    …returned thanks to being in beed of writing a project plan that will be graded in the end of my certification course and I am really struggling to not let it take over again
  • Christmas in Cologne
    I went to Cologne to celebrate the Christmas days there with parts of my family, busy times as usual but good times as usual aswell 😀
  • New Year´s Eve
    …all alone. Let´s not talk about it, I will be making the best out of it still but anyways, couldn´t be any more disappointed and feeling crappy.

Day X+119-125 – Christmas Days

The Christmas days were so busy that really blogging about every day was impossible, so it´s one of my tasks today to shortly tell you a bit about each and every day 🙂

22.12.2016 – Day X+119
Travel day is busy day is me annoyed day, and if you mix this with the need of writing the project plan for my course, you can imagine how great my mood was. I was okay when I was at Hamburg station, but they messed up the numbering of the train waggons and also didn´t even visibly number them…total mess as I had to run to the total other end of the train as it had been initially indicated.

Seat reservation system was also broken, but I was lucky to have a single seat where I was able to successfully write for 3 of the 4.5 hours and therefore have a bit more time for relaxing over Christmas days.

23.12.2016 – Day X+120
Dog day! I “borrowed” the dog from my “step sister” for a day because I hadn´t seen him for ages and yes, I missed him and a dog was simply what I needed after all troubles, all stress and all problems that I lately had to face. I even got up at 8am for this dog, something that I would do for hardly anything or anyone to be be fully honest, not go for a 3km walk like 9am in the morning, but it felt good. I spent the whole day like this, except for a planned quick trip to MediaMarkt for some shopping, that then ended in being invited to buy clothes for myself…I am grateful, because I am someone who especially now rather waits until something falls into pieces before buying something new…

In the afternoon then another looong walk, after which the dog and I were both totally done and just laid down in the living room, before in the evening we more or less watched everyone else decorate the Christmas tree…

24.12.2016 – Day X+121
I love decorating, so I was happy to be on duty for the Christmas table – and my little Christmas trees, sewed and stuffed, also were a good thing to work on before Christmas and until the very last second!

Christmas itself was lovely, a really fun evening with good company, an amazing looking tree, delicious food and sweet presents and just fun watching everyone unwrap their presents!

25.12.2016 – Day X+122
A break from Christmas, somewhat – a free day for me 😉 I slept a lot because I woke up with a hurting throat and massive cold and didn´t feel too well, but a long walk in the afternoon was a nice thing to do, espcially because it made me see what changed around the placed that I used to know quite well back in the days where I still lived in Cologne…kinda feels weird to come back and be like “was that there before???”. In the evening I used the leftover pineapple to make a nice chicken breast with pineapple, tomato and bellpepper pan…so tasty!

Our Christmas tree

26.12.2016 – Day X+123
I was still not feeling too well, but with Grippostad at hand I had to get myself fit to get packing already because the afternoon and until the late evening I spent time with my aunt and uncle, as usual. A lot of tasty food and good chatting, and afterwards I simply dropped into bed, dead tired and exhausted…but was I able to fall asleep? Nope, I was waiting and waiting and hoping to fall asleep but it really was a struggle…

27.12.2016 – Day X+124
Went to visit my grandma in her elderly home before I went to my mum´s place for some hours before going back to Hamburg. The walk at the Rhine really felt good, and I just love the sound of water and everything…what I do not like is trains. Full trains. And babies on trains – accompanied by sleeping parents who sleep even though their baby is crying and screaming for ages. Working on my project plan thus was nearly impossible, which really brings me into time problems…

28.12.2016 – Day X+125
A day full of catching up, washing three machines of laundry, doing grocery shopping and and and…let´s see what is still coming, but there is plenty on my to do list for today and also the coming days, so it will keep me busy unfortunately even though my body would really need some rest…

Always on Sunday (22)

Christmas Christmas and I got no idea if anyone is in reading mood for this blog entry today, but as it is a ad rainy outside and I cannot really do anything, I decided to curl up in a blanket and write this weekly summary nonetheless 😉 maybe it is a good read for in between massive meals and family time ^^

// Listened to // Christmas songs. And to make it clear, there is very few songs that I enjoy, the rest feels just like cheesy terrible stuff that hurts my ears…It has been like this for years by now and as I am less and less able to really get into a festive mood beforehand, listening to e.g. the radio resembles ultimate torture…

// Done //
Sewing, and quite a bit of it. Needed to finish off the little stuffed Christmas trees for presents, and then of course I also finished off my dress for Christmas. Wanted to do more but time kept running so there was no way to squeeze in even more unfortunately.

Then I of course also worked quite a bit on my project plan for my course, because there is no such things and resting days or anything like this.

Also there was long walks, today 6.5km and on 23rd with my “borrowed” dog around 10km in total on that day…Could have been more when looking at all the good food I had, but…It is Christmas.

// Eaten //  
king’s pie (not sure if that comes anywhere close how it should be translated from German, but Google just lets me down now) with salad, followed by salmon with spinach in puff pastry with croquettes and as a dessert, there was chocolate fondue – healthy you know, with all the fruits ;))

Besides this I can state that the Christmas days are always days where I eat too much because there is so much tasty stuff around that resisting often simply doesn’t work for me and I am totally honest about this…No need to lie about it, the scale with show it anyway even though I tried to eat healthy all week long until Christmas came over me again 😉

// Thought //
…that the weather really is not Christmas like at all, it still feels like autumn – like, begining of middle of October but not like December at all. Neither temperatures nor general weather would suggest it to be December and christmas, it is simply too warm. And I would really like to have snow, and that even though I know that Deutsche Bahn would then totally fuck up everything when needing to go back to Hamburg…But white Christmas would be so romantic…

// Happy about //
Being out of Hamburg and having had the dog for a day. Both things just make and made me feel so much better about everything than I felt before..I missed being out of Hamburg and away from all those troublesome thoughts and bad feelings….And having a dog around, falling asleep on your feet and wiggling its tail when he sees you…It can just light up your mood, there is simply no way around this!

// Read //  
“100 things a woman should’ve done in her life” as I got it as a Christmas present and I gotta say that even though I did quite a few of those points again, I will be using this partially as a bucket list for 2017 so that I will turn it into an hopefully positively crazy year for myself 😉

// Angry about //  
Deutsche Bahn and their technical issues…When I went from Hamburg to Cologne, it started already at main station Hamburg. No waggon numbers visible anywhere and they changed the waggon order. So I had to run by 14 train waggons within a minute to actually get to mine…And…How the fuck do they number the waggons? 7 comes after 14? Well yeah, good job…

And then the seat reservation displays and their system had broken down, so you literally had to chase away people sitting on your seat in overcrowded waggons because in one of the first class ones the heating had died and so they had to move people to the other waggons…Yes, it was rather messy. Especially if you add on top that there are hardly power sockets that worked…I had “amazing” 4 hours of train ride…

// Wished for //
Snow! …And didn’t get any 😦 that needs to be mentioned because my Christmas wishes were more than just fulfilled, so …

// Dreamt about //  
I am dreaming a lot about project plans and Apocalyptica again lately…This mix has mostly become the topics of my not so creepy dreams.

Yet I do have creepy dreams, like being in a house with several families and noticing that the flat above mine is burning and calling the fire brigade, running outside but then back in and being trapped in the cellar all of a sudden and being surrounded by flames and thus unable to escape…

// Bought //  
Nothing really special when it comes to I m buying and also paying for it – a bit of food and that’s it, because over these days now I don’t need to buy anything, the train tickets were already bought, same for presents and everything…I surely did forget something but right now I really cannot think of anything…

// Statement of the week //
“Oooh I thought the dress was one of those that you bought yesterday!” (statement about the dress I wore at Christmas Eve and that I had been sewing myself)


Enjoy the festive days!

No matter what and how and where and when and why you are celebrating these days – enjoy the time with your loved ones!

Having quite a few readers from different countries, I wish you a merry christmas in the top langages that you are coming from – not all, because then list would be pretty long, and Christmas time means time with family and loved ones, means: not much time on the internet in the best case!

Therefore, I am offline now – enjoy your peaceful festive time!



Photos: Lordi // Max & Iggor Cavalera // Phazm

MAX & IGGOR CAVALERA (Nancy on the Rocks)





Day X+113-118 -Christmas Coundown!

16.12.2016 – Day X+113
As usual, a busy and rather tiring day at my course, and it really drained the last bits of my energy, that I later on then regained when staying at my boyfriend´s place with some nice cooking, watching Vikings (still loving it!) and just relaxing and trying to turn off the mind and not think about work and the course…which lately is really hard as we both are rather busy and things tend to be stressful, and then you simply take those thoughts home with you though you shouldn´t….

17.12.2016 – Day X+114
Around lunchtime I went home after staying at my boyfriend´s and then the stress and hassle started for me, because Christmas is coming closer with too big steps and there is so much to be still done – and during the week with my project management course using most of the day I usually don´t get much done, as I am simply too exhausted. Mentally I am that far that I feel exhausted 24-7, and all I want is to sleep and eat sweets all day long. This ain´t working on the long run…

18.12.2016 – Day X+115
Hm, it was Sunday. Didn´t feel like one as I was rushing from one task to another and yet another one and the to do list seemingly didn´t get any shorter, rather there were new tasks emerging all the time. And I couldn´t relax or rest, the weekend was terrible since I had come home after having been at my boyfriend´s until Saturday lunchtime.

On top of all the tasks, I need to get theoretical parts of my project plan written so I can write the freestyle and creative parts on my way home and back to Hamburg . I need to use whatever time I can get so I am not running into a time problem when the submission of the plan and the exams are coming closer. Also, the sewing was more of a rushing through thing instead of enjoying it and doing it with a lot of passion…ah well, there will be better times.

19.12.2016 – Day X+116
It´s one of those days. And Monday. And because of some car accident at the bus stop I had to walk to my train and my train was late and the weather is depressing and I haven´t slept well at all and everything. Oh and I feel like eating 24-7 and gets me even more into rage. Yes, I am fully frustrated, annoyed and need a time out and get out of Hamburg. Or buy someone to finish off all tasks on my to do list so I can go and hide under the blanket and sleep all day long…so exhausted.

20.12.2016 – Day X+117
After a stressful day at the project management course with working again on a case study, but at least getting out a tad earlier than usual after we were all done with the tasks and feedback round on our results.

Before my boyfriend came over, I rushed to finish off my dress for Christmas eve, and I really struggled because seemingly I didn´t calculate something properly or good enough and then the fabrics was to short so I had to fix it and pimp it with pearls and…let´s put it this way, I was close to simply dropping it and packing something else for that day instead but I finished it off and I am happy because I really like how it looks like ❤

21.12.2016 – Day X+118
To be fair, I need my 8 hours of sleep and as I didn´t get those, the day was rather consisting of me being tired – but at least the day at the project management course was rather laid back with first discussing some stuff about yesterday´s case study group work and then just a bit more of lesson before we had a huge brunch with sausages, bread rolls, cheese, sweets, fruits and and and…

It was amazing to go and sit together and just relax a bit as a group before everyone rushed off into the “holidays” which are more writing days for the project plan than anything else. This is also why just before writing this entry and also I will afterwards, it is all about the writing and making preparations so I can work on the train aswell…

I really feel that I need days off but I am not sure if I will really get them – at least during the three Christmas days I will try not to bother about the project plan, but being the workoholic and perfectionist I am, it is going to be tough 😉

Always on Sunday (21)

I really have no idea why time is flying by THAT extremely fast lately – it still feels like it was beginning of December and not just a week before Christmas Eve. And that freaks me out somehow, I feel like a damned hamster being stuck in its wheel because I had planned to be doing so many things just before Christmas and let´s face it – I hardly managed to do any of these things up till now and as I will still be having my course until and including Wednesday – I just had this weekend to really get stuff done…more or less…who said that weekends were for relaxing?

// Listened to //
 I feel like right now I am not really into listening to music, even though I am listening to music when going to my course and on the way back – but it is more to really ignore and block the world outside…And usually it is the same tsuff I listen to – and clearly no christmas related stuff. I hate Christmas songs.
So this week – Apocalyptica again, and I rediscovered songs off the Reflections-album…especially “Somewhere around nothing”. I would so love to hear this song finally live again…

// Done //
Cleaning, washing dishes, cleaning my bathroom, sewing, buying and packing Christmas presents, working on my project plan, attending my project management course and my feedback session on Monday (which was a success), avoided going to the Christmas market by all means…I have been sleepless and done some reading…to sum it up what I have done – I have been busy as hell, at least it feels like it. And I really need time to rest.

// Eaten //
Pretty healthy – and even more heathy it would have been if there was no sweets compartment in the supermarkets that you need to walk through. Because craving sweets and needing to walk through there is quite a struggle to be fully honest. And I never can walk by without actually buying something and once that´s bought, it ain´t gonna last long anymore at home – always seeing this and even just knowing I have sweets in my apartment drives me crazy…and then I´d kill to have a “bit” of it…

// Thought //
As usual, too much 😉 My mind enjoys being “creative” especialy when I want to relax and turn off the mind, or sleep. Insomnia has become my best friend and makes the thinking even worse to be honest, because then I get pissed off and wonder why and start thinking again and…you get the point, right? In general I was roaming around a lot when it comes to how much I have started disliking humans or being around them for a longer period of time. I have never been someone who loved being in big company but it´s never been that bad when it comes to me being anti-social…

// Happy about //
Having received really well feedback on what I did for my project plan so far was quite nice, as goal analysis never had been one of my faves, nor one of my best. Most things I had to be changing was ordering, coloration and general formatting of stuff, so that was easy going after I was really worried because I felt terribly insecure about it. It´s really been what I just needed, as I tend to connect my general level of confidence and feeling useful with how well I do work-wise, in this case that the course. Annoying at times, but then there is such things that give so amazing ego boosts…

// Read //
About creativity theories because I need to be writing on my project plan also over the Christmas days and decided to at least get the theoretical part of the chapter written before sitting on the train and connection theory with my experiences and a first idea on how to handle creativity and issues arising from it in my fictional project…Better early than late, especially if you got the time anyways – don´t have anything to do on the train then anyways.

// Angry about //
My body and how it seemingly hates me…my mind is bugging me, and with the stress my mind creates, the rest of my body is driving me crazy…I mean I am happy I have no cold like seemingly most people around me, but I feel like first bits of allergies are soon coming back anyways. Need to tackle this. Like so many things in regards of health and how to improve tiny bits that can be still improved to become a super human. Or something like this 😉

// Wished for //
The days having more than just 24 hours, as Christmas is coming closer and I feel like I have so much still to do until I am hopping onto the train on next Thursday – cleaning, laundry, packing presents, creating presents and all this madness…and the course still also needs a lot of time and work to be spent, and I don´t know how to get it all done in those 24h the days have…

// Dreamt about //
Having been at my former employer´s place again, it was clear I would be dreaming something related to it…and yes, that happened. I dreamt about getting dismissed. Amazing, I woke up and was like “really, again?”…nothing shocks me anymore, but these things are not really pleasant…and then I dreamt something reated to the series “Vikings”…and quite some more messy stuff en course of the week – my mind has been terribly active again most nights…

// Bought //  
Two new lip balms because I lost mine and two help better than one ^^ And then Christmas presents, sewing related things and of course the usual stuff that I buy every week when raiding the supermarket. Oh and my train tickets to Cologne and back.

// Statement of the week // 
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Day X+110-112 – Christmas is coming closer…

13.12.2016 – Day X+110
Day two of having an off day – no wait, it is actually project plan writing time but as it looked really well, I was able to simply relax, sew a bit, take care of Christmas presents and plan going home for Christmas and do quite a lot of photo editing…because those galleries really need to get done finally. I feel so bad about just doing these things now but somehow I didn´t have the will and power to do it. I am still not a fan of photo editing an never will be, but it´s one of those necessary evils. And as I was wanting to fall asleep quickly and sleep well, I took some valerian pills…which made me hyperactive instead of making me relaxed…bye bye night and bye bye sleep…

14.12.2016 – Day X+111
Back to business…aka back to the course again after sleeping maybe for 4-5 hours only. I was dead tired and the fact we started with the finance course didn´t make the day any better at all to be totally honest. The day was long and tiring, but meeting with my boyfriend for some strolling around and raiding IKEA a bit was a good way how to end the day. came home, did some Christmas planning and then dropped into bed and boom, fell asleep as if I hadn´t slept for days…

15.12.2016 – Day X+112
Finance part of my project management course…day 2. And I had thought that it´d be getting better, but well…to be honest it was one of those days that seemed to be never ending. But at least I was less tired than usual. That was the only positive thing, as my stomach was making issues and once I was home, my parcel with the fabrics for my Christmas dress were not waiting for me…instead I did some test sewing for a Christmas present…went rather well, not fully satisfied, but it´s okay…

Sewing: Long-sleeved Dress

Size: 44
Fabrics: Cotton jersey  – once in black and once with print (both from Dresowka.pl)
Pattern: Die wilde Matrossel / Herbstgold
Instructions: Written & with pictures
Time needed: ~4.5 hours

Well…what shall I say…I am not made for print-only instructions yet. I will need some more time to really get used to this, to written instructions with just photos – so far I mostly worked with video instructions because I feel like they´re helping more when you´re a beginner like me.

And this is always why there are some parts on the backside that just are fucked up
– and I even managed to kill the plan to cover up the fuck up I prodiced by also applying the piece of fabrics on the other side wrongly…so now you can see some not too amazing stuff there on the backside but…I think in the end noone will really focus too much on it – except for me, of course.

The easiest part of it all was the skirt part and the sleeves themselves, that stuff went really quick…because it was kinda idiot-safe. The rest felt like pure struggle, sweat, swearing, shouting at the sewing machine and telling it to either function or die and yeah, there were tears aswell.

But in the end, and after waiting for the wooden pearls (because I first wanted to have glass pearls, but finding those for the cord thickness was impossible, so I had to switch and still order them as I failed to find them ina  store close by), it is now all done and even with all of its flaws – I am really proud I managed to do it, and surely will be sewing another one from that because in the end it will be easier the more often I do it… and I think it also looks good on me, except for the cleavage area – next one I will most likely be sewing without the opening and close it there…it doesn´t look and feel right for a 100%…