Day X+98-100 – Hello December!

01.12.2016 – Day X+98
Well…my mood had been better at times to be honest…especially this dude paying saxophone at the S-Bahn station in Hammerbrook is now accompanied by an even worse plaing accordionist. You could be the happiest person ever, and then need to walk by there…and your mood in the morning would be killed again, it is awful. Matching the weather. Mostly grey and wet, and not really uplifting to say the least xD But the times without rain you gotta use wisely and nice 🙂

02.12.2016 – Day X+99
After a night full of one odd nightmare (I hate it when you wake up, and then go to sleep again hoping it would be over and it starts all over again), it was really a struggle to focus on the case study we were working on at the project management course. Especially because at first we were all struggling as it felt overly complicated, but in the end I´d say the outcom was really good…and I was braindead, so all I did was doing some grocery shopping and nothing anywhere were I could even just need a single bit of my brain…

03.12.2016 – Day X+100
In the morning I had an appointment at my dentist, because of some little issues that I am having but it is all okay, nothing to worry about. So I can be totally laid back. Afterwards I all sunk into sewing now that I have my sewing machine back…well no back, but rather a new one. Anyways, I was a busy bee, and then went to do some gymnastics at home and some walking outside so I don´t gain even more weight…it is awful. And did some laundry (and fell down the stairs on my way to the cellar) and and and…


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