Always on Sunday (19)

This week – even in time! Man I am proud of myself, because I was actually enjoying writing again after I spent most time of this weekend in front of my sewing machine and having just returned from an icy cold 1.5h walk outside, I am glad to be sitting next to the warm computer, curled up in a blanket and with hot tea in front of me..

// Listened to //  The usual – Apocalyptica, Placebo, but newly Sunrise Avenue – digging out past memories, especially when taking a hot bath it is great to look back onto the good old days… and laugh about how still valid the lyrics feel 😉

// Done // 
The weekend was full of sewing, taking hot baths and napping…and during the week all I did was going to school, being exhausted, cooking, going for walks and taking a hot bath before falling into bed and having odd dreams…so totally unexciting week to be saying the least.

// Eaten //
A lot of pre-cookied stuff as I was mostly too lazy to be cooking in the evenings – but that worked pretty wekk to be honest, though cookies, chocolate and such were kinda the evil players in this round…

// Thought //
That some discussion on the internet are hilarious, especially when people are talking about “omg this is a symbol of satanism”, and totally get the facts wrong and seemngly were not even able to google the things they´re trying to get shared as facts. Kinda sad, that we´re still living in a world where there is so much lack of will to get proper information which you nowadays get for free and really easy…

// Happy about //
Well, even though my topic for my project plan for the course was not yet approved, I already had started working on it and got quite a bit done already – I am far ahead, as the writing days are, durng the coming week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I better start early so I still have time for myself and everything. Plus, I kinda enjoy writing the plan I noticed – I always liked plans, but didn´t think this fun would be coming back. I hope this is really going to last – I mean, the fun – not the plan ;))

// Read //
Articles on a volunteer who dressed up as a clown in Aleppo to cheer up and unite at least the kids in these terrible days…and now was killed by one of the attacks. I haven´t known him or known about him doing such amazing things, but still it feels a bit like it is ending all hope for a happy ending in some way.

// Angry about //
You know, there was this case talked about on TV where a grown up man had met a young boy on the Minecraft chat and had lured him into an apartment in Düsseldorf and well…you can have a good guess where this ended. And the thing that pisses me off…well, it is actually two things.

The first thing is about the boy´s parents. That boy is 12 years old and should be smart enough to not do things like this, yet I wonder why he did it anyways. It is a matter of education that this boy should´ve learned from his parents that the internet is a risky thing no matter how amazing it is and should know that he just must not go and meet a man. Alone. To not trust strangers and everything is one of the first things I learned when I was a kid, and thus I somehow cannot understand how this can happen.

But then, no, I do not put blame on anyone so I will be moving forward to talk about th second thing that pisses me off. Experts expect that this man who kinda destroyed the boy´s life will rather move in to a close psychatric clinic than go to jail because he shows clear pedophile traits. You know, on the one hand I am totally in for gtting people back into society if there is no risk left anymore after they committed a crime. But I do not see a reason why someone who committed a crime (I do not care about the resons why he did it) should be treated so mildly – I want to see such people in jail, so noone can hide behind this “yeah but it was not my fault, you know, my traits and my mind…”-bullshit.

And to conclude this…it pisses me off that the German system of jails and stuff seemingly cannot accomodate a mix between these two things. A crime stays a crime and needs to be punished so that the person and everyone else know it´s been a crime, and then you can happily everafter work on getting the person ready and harmless for society again. But moving this person straight into a clinic with all the perks it brings, it just pisses me off.

// Wished for //
Less wet-cold weather. I enjoy cold weather itself, but with this wet touch all the time it is terrible and creeping up the legs and everything…just disgusting and killing every wish or desire to go out for a long walk…

// Dreamt about //
Apocalyptica…and I have no idea why they were appearing in my dreams that often. But I also dreamt that I was in a 10-ppl plane and was flying over the Andes…so odd I mean…this tiny airplane and then the Andes…the plane didn´t even have safety belts, and it looked like some bus on the inside…really weird.

// Bought //
…a new sewing machine as noone was able to provide me with the missing screw which really made me angry…and also some sewing patterns and fabrics for my Christmas sewing. And then the weekly normal madness in regards to food and everything related.

// Statement of the week //
  “One cannot not communicate.” (Paul Watzlawick)



4 thoughts on “Always on Sunday (19)

  1. The story about the volunteer clown is really sad. Sigh.

    About the system of justice: My point of view is quite identically to yours. There is absolutely nothing wrong with second chances and I am convinced that most people really deserve them. But when we’re talking about murderer, pedophiliacs or rapists, well. Second chances are futile in most cases and I really don’t see the point.
    It would be totally different, if someone cheated or lied or cunned people or maybe hurt someone on impulse (depends on the case here). But all those serious issues and crimes? Seriously? Somebody who kills people, hurts children (and so on) doesn’t deserve a second chance. Those people wasted their right to get anywhere near our society again.
    Such disgusting crimes cannot be excused because of a “bad childhood”. You don’t kill someone by accident or rape somebody and say “oops, I didn’t mean that.”. It is a decision you make. A bad one, that should lock you away in prison forever.
    Ugh. It makes me so mad.

    1. well, he is locked away now…just for 5 years instead of ten as they requested….but better than nothing. afterwards closed clinic where he most likely is never gonna get out again.

      1. Hopefully it will be that way, and nobody will resume the case, because of whatever. Such people shouldn’t get out ever again.

      2. Even if it was resumed, I think it wouldnt get any less because they first requested 10 years, and additionally there is probably two more cases (a woman and a mentally challenged young man) when it comes to this dude molesting others…

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