Day X+101-103 – Headline? Overrated!

Time to catch up!

And because I am having an off day today because I am supposed to spend the time on writing on my project plan, same goes for tomorrow…it is all a part of the project management course that I am doing – aka the good times where you can plan the day yourself.

And I miss it to be on my own. I really am a loner and enjoy being on my own for a lot of time, but at the same time I enjoy having poeple around – but I´d like to choose for how long. But the course just kills this chance and that can be really exhausting for me. Because I still feel like needing to play a role instead of being myself …

04.12.2016 – Day X+101
Sunday, oh you sweet Sunday…well, all I did was going for a walk, doing all the things that need to be done at the weekend pluuuus a little sewing – made another beanie for myself, because you can never have enough beanies. At least I cannot.

And I noticed how much 3% more or less elasthane make a difference in the thickness and structure of the fabrics…because the one that I used now was far stiffer and everything…not meant in a bad way but that kinda taught me to really watch out for all these information that you should be looking before buying somehow…learning is important 😉

05.12.2016 – Day X+102
The day today, man…it could have been relaxed but well…as I do need to schedule my doctor appointments mostly on my at least halfway offdays from my education thingy, I went to the orthopaedist today to have my back and neck and shoulders checked as I suspected that my migraine and my odd feeling in the face and such might be a result of the problems in my neck. And I was right, it is all caused by my neck and maybe also by my jaw muscles being stressed due to “chewing” during nighttime…so maybe that is something to also tackle again. But yeah, at least nothing else is the reason, so I got another fun paper to go back to having manual therapy. Not really sad about it as it always made me feel good, but still – another thing that´s stealing my time and will be hard to fit into my schedule.

Afterwards I still had to show up at school to have my topic for the project plan (which is one out of three parts for assessment) accepted…it was a grou meeting with discussions about topics and everything, yet I just so wished it would have been an one on one so it would´ve been faster…Surely, not everyone has as much experience in chosing topics for a project plan and writing one as I do, but still…I just need to become more patient.

Afterwards I quickly hopped into Deichmann, checking if there is nice shoes for winter for me but…nope, what a fail again. So I gotta look online once again, unfortunately. The rest of the day so far I spent pretty much with washing dishes, taking care of laundry and of course writing quite a big junk of my project plan chapter that I need to have finished by next week…

 06.12.2016 – Day X+103
After a not so relxaing night somehow I woke up rather early, all scared I might have overslept and would have needed to be at the office already. On my way to the bathroom I noticed…no job, no office, and clearly not at 5am in the morning xD I went back to sleep but my dreams remained odd, but at least it had gotten better and I was back to sleep…

In the early afternoon I then met up with my boyfriend and we went to play blacklight minigolfing – and it was really lovely. The art that made the rooms and such covered with themes…so beautiful, it really was stunning. And it was simply a fun time, and that was the most important thing.

Afterwards went to Vapiano, and tried the lasagna there and well…it was a fail. The size of the dish was hilarious compared to the other dishes that cost the same on their menu, and it was really oily and not really too great…a fail. Next time it will clearly be pizza (which looked good) or my standard pasta with salmon anda creamy sauce…

Tonight I will still be working on my project plan, I wanna see some progress there. Or maybe I miss the confusion that partially came up whilst writing…

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