Sewing: Utensilo (medium sized)

Size: medium
Fabrics: Cotton ( and waxed cloth (Alles für Selbermacher)
Pattern: PattyDoo // Freebook
Time needed: ~30min

When I started my first one, I still thought that also the medium sized one would have an instruction video, but I was wrong – only the big one, which I will try later on, has one. So I had to go with the instructions on the pattern itself, but ended up doing more freestyle than actually doing it like suggested and it pretty much works well – only the upper ends of the thingy just make me struggle because they somehow always look…well, not too amazing to be fully honest.

But I think the biggest struggle is the waxed cloth and sewing it. especially if you need to bend it for sewing…it really drove me crazy at the start, but after a while I have just aceepted this misery and tried to make the best out of the whole and ensure that it is not ripping into pieces – because this is what happened during my very first try and already brought me close to my first anger attack.

Not mentioning the new sewing machine being as bitchy as I am, and sometimes struggling with the thick material and also the layers, heavily struggling when I cover up the upper part of the thingy…you literally heard that it was short time before calling its quits…


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