Always on Sunday (20)

The weather right now is totally scaring anyone off who wants to go outside, it is raining cats and dogs and that is why I am stting in front of my computer, blogging, working on my project plan and watching a tad of TV whilst doing all this…

// Listened to //  
A lot of different stuff, but I got stuck with one song for quite a while to be honest – and that´s Franky Perez with “Time won´t wait”. Still cannot believe that for unknown time he won´t be with Apocalyptica anymore. It´s like…the band is now incomplete again. Luckily he is gonna come with some other band to Germany in April…not sure if I will like their music, but I am really planning on going there anyways. Because his voice will make up for anything.

// Done //
Blacklight minigolfing at Schwarzlichviertel here in Hamburg – definetely a cool thing to do, also for people with kids…and it all looked so real even though it is all just painted…I always had the feeling, the need to touch it all…and I was surprised how much better I was playing than when I played it for the last time, which was like…more than 10 years ago…

// Eaten //
Yesterday I had pizza and my stomach hates me still – the amount of lacotse and the generally huge amount of food probably had been too much after a wheel of really trying to eat well – except for some fails where I bought sweets and they were gone the same evening…

// Thought //
How I am still totally not in Christmas mood. Last year I was not in christmas mood I thought, but this year it really beats it all. Because the weather is like…end of October or start of November, but really there is no Christmas or winter feeling coming up at all…

// Happy about //
Remember when I commented on this court case of the dude lurking a boy into his house and leaving him all traumatized? The court made a decision on what is waiting for this man…and I am surprised to be honest. 5 years prison, afterwards he will be moved to a closed institution, he might never get out there again. The sad thing is part of the reasoning…the boy might have not been the man´s very first victim. But at least he got the sentence that he deserved. Because I still openly state that I wanted to see him in prison. And now he gets what he deserves. Well, people who do these things deserve totally different things but…eye for an eye doesn´t work.

// Read // 
Only poject management related stuff…and how to write certain parts of the project plan, because tomorrow I have to have some parts reading for some individual coaching…that course is a lot of pressure and really kills my will to be reading anything else after I am done with my course…

// Angry about //
So I got an email the other day…well not email, but facebook message. I haven´t talked about it because I had other things to take care of…but that message was from a fellow (yet unknown to me) Apocalyptica fan, judging from the name from South America. And she was really insulting, swearing at me and some things came across quite as a threat.

I just never understood why I happen to be a target of such issues from time to time…what am I doing?

I am sorry that I know the band for soon fucking 11 years and I am sorry that they watched me grow up and that because of this there simply is a certain connection. But what is the deal? I don´t own them, and I would never even get the fucking idea that I would or that I was any more important than any other fan. I have never pushed myself in front of other to get a photo, talk to the guys or anything – I was always standing back, waiting that everyone had their turn because I know how happy it makes people because it´s been me in the very start. I always took the last turn, because that´s just how I am.

I´ve never been bragging on the internet about anything, real or fake, I´ve never beel bullshitting around about anything…so what is the deal? Because I keep getting teh chance to follow them, to photograph them, to meet them? If that´s simple jealousy, let me tell you something – other people go party every weekend, other people buy new shoes and clothes every month, other people buy so many other things – and you know what I do? I don´t party. I don´t drink. I buy new clothes and shoes if my now worn ones are falling into pieces. I think twice if I need to buy something. Because I set priorities and in all the past years it´s been travelling for this band. As simple as that. I don´t have a massive sponsor standing behind me and giving me money for every trip I do or anything, nor do I get anything for free just because I follow the guys for ten years – because I want to support them, their music and their touring.

So what the fuck is wrong with those people?

// Wished for //
Less darkness – I get up when it is dark and when I get out of school, it is mostly dark or getting dark already again…that´s kinda what i struggle with right at the moment. Which is weird, because the past years I didn´t have any problems like this.

// Dreamt about //
Apocalyptica – and that rather often lately, which is kinda weird…or rather I dream about all the traveling that is connected to it, not even about the shows or the band itself mostly…just odd. Maybe I am already suffering from withdrawal symptoms hahaha Gonna be a long time until February when they will be in Hamburg again xD

// Bought //  
Fabrics and a price reduced Apocalyptica hoodie that I had wanted to buy for quite a while already but never wanted to invets the money into it…now it was less expensive and so I had to buy it…I simply couldn´t resist.

Besides this…nothing too special, the usual I would say – though fabrics soon will also be the standard programme 😉

// Statement of the week //
  “Even if you lost. Your fight would never be in vain” (Red band Society)



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