Day X+104-108 – Bye bye concentration

I have been somewhat lazy lately, or just had too many other things flowing around in my head that I somehow had troubles channeling my thoughts for writing these daily blog entries – especially since, besides my mind madness- everything was rather ordinary. Because it is mostly about my project management course and then the day is over…more or less.

07.12.2016 – Day X+104
I think I had the day off aswell, and did…well, work on my project plan and that´s it I think, it is really hard to remember- at times it is good to have a fully lazy day and do nothing special, so that there is also nothing to report 😉

08.12.2016 – Day X+105
It´s one of those days where…I just wanna sleep. And not see anyone. Just because. I couldn´t focus at all during my lessons, and that just made me frustrated – after a night with odd dreams. And in the evening all I did was – surprise – work on my project plan again because after some more talking about it in the class, I noted down “some” stuff on a to do list what to change with it…hoping that it will start going smoother sooner or ater, because so far it´s been a permanent struggle and that starts making me totally aggressive…Same for 09.12.2016 – Day X+106 – who needs a party on a Friday night if you´ve got a project plan? 😉

10.12.2016 – Day X+107
First night in quite a while where I slept quite well and then I had to get up early because the dude checking my heating and how much I have used it came around at like 8.45 am in the goddamned morning on a damned Saturday. Afterwards I still managed to sleep a bit but the night was destroyed again…I will never get proper sleep again it feels…

In the afternoon my boyfriend came around (just after I had finished sewing yet another beanie for myself) and we had a fab evening with ordering pizza – except for the fact that my stomach didn´t really like the lactose the amount of food as such. Then my boyfriend also installed a new and less loud ventilator for my computer, whilst I started cutting the fabrics for my dress…missing out on one thing: the print…now everything´s upside down…yay. not.

11.12.2016 – Day X+108
I had planned that after my boyfriend had left, I would be going for a long walk and be busy with cleaning my bathroom…well…let´s put it this way: as I cannot control the weather, I am far away from reaching anything like 10.000 steps today…instead of this and instead of cleaning my bathroom I decided on continuing the struggle with the upside down butterfly fabrics to turn it into a dress…

And let´s put it this way – it is either the fabrics or the yarn or my sewing machine, but it just was a terrible fight so far and I am not even done yet…let´s see what is still gonna go wrong…so frustrating. I hope I will get it done and will be able to still wear it as least for school and such…if not I need to recycle it and make something else outta it…

12.12.2016 – Day X+109
The day started…well, annoying. Overslept and when I wanted to withdraw money to get myself some breakfast, the visa card didn´t work anymore. So no breakfast when oing to my individual coaching for the project plan…but at least that turned out well – 90% done, the rest I did within an hour as it´s been mostly just tiny changes…felt good!

Not good felt…this dress. It is a hopeless case. The dress turned into a skirt which turned into a babydoll dress…because whatever I did, I fucked something up. And the baby doll dress also is not perfect. Looks cute but well…still need to imp it somehow, I am just clueless how…my amount of frustration needed today really was reached…


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