Sewing: Long-sleeved Dress

Size: 44
Fabrics: Cotton jersey  – once in black and once with print (both from
Pattern: Die wilde Matrossel / Herbstgold
Instructions: Written & with pictures
Time needed: ~4.5 hours

Well…what shall I say…I am not made for print-only instructions yet. I will need some more time to really get used to this, to written instructions with just photos – so far I mostly worked with video instructions because I feel like they´re helping more when you´re a beginner like me.

And this is always why there are some parts on the backside that just are fucked up
– and I even managed to kill the plan to cover up the fuck up I prodiced by also applying the piece of fabrics on the other side wrongly…so now you can see some not too amazing stuff there on the backside but…I think in the end noone will really focus too much on it – except for me, of course.

The easiest part of it all was the skirt part and the sleeves themselves, that stuff went really quick…because it was kinda idiot-safe. The rest felt like pure struggle, sweat, swearing, shouting at the sewing machine and telling it to either function or die and yeah, there were tears aswell.

But in the end, and after waiting for the wooden pearls (because I first wanted to have glass pearls, but finding those for the cord thickness was impossible, so I had to switch and still order them as I failed to find them ina  store close by), it is now all done and even with all of its flaws – I am really proud I managed to do it, and surely will be sewing another one from that because in the end it will be easier the more often I do it… and I think it also looks good on me, except for the cleavage area – next one I will most likely be sewing without the opening and close it there…it doesn´t look and feel right for a 100%…


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