Always on Sunday (21)

I really have no idea why time is flying by THAT extremely fast lately – it still feels like it was beginning of December and not just a week before Christmas Eve. And that freaks me out somehow, I feel like a damned hamster being stuck in its wheel because I had planned to be doing so many things just before Christmas and let´s face it – I hardly managed to do any of these things up till now and as I will still be having my course until and including Wednesday – I just had this weekend to really get stuff done…more or less…who said that weekends were for relaxing?

// Listened to //
 I feel like right now I am not really into listening to music, even though I am listening to music when going to my course and on the way back – but it is more to really ignore and block the world outside…And usually it is the same tsuff I listen to – and clearly no christmas related stuff. I hate Christmas songs.
So this week – Apocalyptica again, and I rediscovered songs off the Reflections-album…especially “Somewhere around nothing”. I would so love to hear this song finally live again…

// Done //
Cleaning, washing dishes, cleaning my bathroom, sewing, buying and packing Christmas presents, working on my project plan, attending my project management course and my feedback session on Monday (which was a success), avoided going to the Christmas market by all means…I have been sleepless and done some reading…to sum it up what I have done – I have been busy as hell, at least it feels like it. And I really need time to rest.

// Eaten //
Pretty healthy – and even more heathy it would have been if there was no sweets compartment in the supermarkets that you need to walk through. Because craving sweets and needing to walk through there is quite a struggle to be fully honest. And I never can walk by without actually buying something and once that´s bought, it ain´t gonna last long anymore at home – always seeing this and even just knowing I have sweets in my apartment drives me crazy…and then I´d kill to have a “bit” of it…

// Thought //
As usual, too much 😉 My mind enjoys being “creative” especialy when I want to relax and turn off the mind, or sleep. Insomnia has become my best friend and makes the thinking even worse to be honest, because then I get pissed off and wonder why and start thinking again and…you get the point, right? In general I was roaming around a lot when it comes to how much I have started disliking humans or being around them for a longer period of time. I have never been someone who loved being in big company but it´s never been that bad when it comes to me being anti-social…

// Happy about //
Having received really well feedback on what I did for my project plan so far was quite nice, as goal analysis never had been one of my faves, nor one of my best. Most things I had to be changing was ordering, coloration and general formatting of stuff, so that was easy going after I was really worried because I felt terribly insecure about it. It´s really been what I just needed, as I tend to connect my general level of confidence and feeling useful with how well I do work-wise, in this case that the course. Annoying at times, but then there is such things that give so amazing ego boosts…

// Read //
About creativity theories because I need to be writing on my project plan also over the Christmas days and decided to at least get the theoretical part of the chapter written before sitting on the train and connection theory with my experiences and a first idea on how to handle creativity and issues arising from it in my fictional project…Better early than late, especially if you got the time anyways – don´t have anything to do on the train then anyways.

// Angry about //
My body and how it seemingly hates me…my mind is bugging me, and with the stress my mind creates, the rest of my body is driving me crazy…I mean I am happy I have no cold like seemingly most people around me, but I feel like first bits of allergies are soon coming back anyways. Need to tackle this. Like so many things in regards of health and how to improve tiny bits that can be still improved to become a super human. Or something like this 😉

// Wished for //
The days having more than just 24 hours, as Christmas is coming closer and I feel like I have so much still to do until I am hopping onto the train on next Thursday – cleaning, laundry, packing presents, creating presents and all this madness…and the course still also needs a lot of time and work to be spent, and I don´t know how to get it all done in those 24h the days have…

// Dreamt about //
Having been at my former employer´s place again, it was clear I would be dreaming something related to it…and yes, that happened. I dreamt about getting dismissed. Amazing, I woke up and was like “really, again?”…nothing shocks me anymore, but these things are not really pleasant…and then I dreamt something reated to the series “Vikings”…and quite some more messy stuff en course of the week – my mind has been terribly active again most nights…

// Bought //  
Two new lip balms because I lost mine and two help better than one ^^ And then Christmas presents, sewing related things and of course the usual stuff that I buy every week when raiding the supermarket. Oh and my train tickets to Cologne and back.

// Statement of the week // 
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)



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