Day X+113-118 -Christmas Coundown!

16.12.2016 – Day X+113
As usual, a busy and rather tiring day at my course, and it really drained the last bits of my energy, that I later on then regained when staying at my boyfriend´s place with some nice cooking, watching Vikings (still loving it!) and just relaxing and trying to turn off the mind and not think about work and the course…which lately is really hard as we both are rather busy and things tend to be stressful, and then you simply take those thoughts home with you though you shouldn´t….

17.12.2016 – Day X+114
Around lunchtime I went home after staying at my boyfriend´s and then the stress and hassle started for me, because Christmas is coming closer with too big steps and there is so much to be still done – and during the week with my project management course using most of the day I usually don´t get much done, as I am simply too exhausted. Mentally I am that far that I feel exhausted 24-7, and all I want is to sleep and eat sweets all day long. This ain´t working on the long run…

18.12.2016 – Day X+115
Hm, it was Sunday. Didn´t feel like one as I was rushing from one task to another and yet another one and the to do list seemingly didn´t get any shorter, rather there were new tasks emerging all the time. And I couldn´t relax or rest, the weekend was terrible since I had come home after having been at my boyfriend´s until Saturday lunchtime.

On top of all the tasks, I need to get theoretical parts of my project plan written so I can write the freestyle and creative parts on my way home and back to Hamburg . I need to use whatever time I can get so I am not running into a time problem when the submission of the plan and the exams are coming closer. Also, the sewing was more of a rushing through thing instead of enjoying it and doing it with a lot of passion…ah well, there will be better times.

19.12.2016 – Day X+116
It´s one of those days. And Monday. And because of some car accident at the bus stop I had to walk to my train and my train was late and the weather is depressing and I haven´t slept well at all and everything. Oh and I feel like eating 24-7 and gets me even more into rage. Yes, I am fully frustrated, annoyed and need a time out and get out of Hamburg. Or buy someone to finish off all tasks on my to do list so I can go and hide under the blanket and sleep all day long…so exhausted.

20.12.2016 – Day X+117
After a stressful day at the project management course with working again on a case study, but at least getting out a tad earlier than usual after we were all done with the tasks and feedback round on our results.

Before my boyfriend came over, I rushed to finish off my dress for Christmas eve, and I really struggled because seemingly I didn´t calculate something properly or good enough and then the fabrics was to short so I had to fix it and pimp it with pearls and…let´s put it this way, I was close to simply dropping it and packing something else for that day instead but I finished it off and I am happy because I really like how it looks like ❤

21.12.2016 – Day X+118
To be fair, I need my 8 hours of sleep and as I didn´t get those, the day was rather consisting of me being tired – but at least the day at the project management course was rather laid back with first discussing some stuff about yesterday´s case study group work and then just a bit more of lesson before we had a huge brunch with sausages, bread rolls, cheese, sweets, fruits and and and…

It was amazing to go and sit together and just relax a bit as a group before everyone rushed off into the “holidays” which are more writing days for the project plan than anything else. This is also why just before writing this entry and also I will afterwards, it is all about the writing and making preparations so I can work on the train aswell…

I really feel that I need days off but I am not sure if I will really get them – at least during the three Christmas days I will try not to bother about the project plan, but being the workoholic and perfectionist I am, it is going to be tough 😉


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