Always on Sunday (22)

Christmas Christmas and I got no idea if anyone is in reading mood for this blog entry today, but as it is a ad rainy outside and I cannot really do anything, I decided to curl up in a blanket and write this weekly summary nonetheless 😉 maybe it is a good read for in between massive meals and family time ^^

// Listened to // Christmas songs. And to make it clear, there is very few songs that I enjoy, the rest feels just like cheesy terrible stuff that hurts my ears…It has been like this for years by now and as I am less and less able to really get into a festive mood beforehand, listening to e.g. the radio resembles ultimate torture…

// Done //
Sewing, and quite a bit of it. Needed to finish off the little stuffed Christmas trees for presents, and then of course I also finished off my dress for Christmas. Wanted to do more but time kept running so there was no way to squeeze in even more unfortunately.

Then I of course also worked quite a bit on my project plan for my course, because there is no such things and resting days or anything like this.

Also there was long walks, today 6.5km and on 23rd with my “borrowed” dog around 10km in total on that day…Could have been more when looking at all the good food I had, but…It is Christmas.

// Eaten //  
king’s pie (not sure if that comes anywhere close how it should be translated from German, but Google just lets me down now) with salad, followed by salmon with spinach in puff pastry with croquettes and as a dessert, there was chocolate fondue – healthy you know, with all the fruits ;))

Besides this I can state that the Christmas days are always days where I eat too much because there is so much tasty stuff around that resisting often simply doesn’t work for me and I am totally honest about this…No need to lie about it, the scale with show it anyway even though I tried to eat healthy all week long until Christmas came over me again 😉

// Thought //
…that the weather really is not Christmas like at all, it still feels like autumn – like, begining of middle of October but not like December at all. Neither temperatures nor general weather would suggest it to be December and christmas, it is simply too warm. And I would really like to have snow, and that even though I know that Deutsche Bahn would then totally fuck up everything when needing to go back to Hamburg…But white Christmas would be so romantic…

// Happy about //
Being out of Hamburg and having had the dog for a day. Both things just make and made me feel so much better about everything than I felt before..I missed being out of Hamburg and away from all those troublesome thoughts and bad feelings….And having a dog around, falling asleep on your feet and wiggling its tail when he sees you…It can just light up your mood, there is simply no way around this!

// Read //  
“100 things a woman should’ve done in her life” as I got it as a Christmas present and I gotta say that even though I did quite a few of those points again, I will be using this partially as a bucket list for 2017 so that I will turn it into an hopefully positively crazy year for myself 😉

// Angry about //  
Deutsche Bahn and their technical issues…When I went from Hamburg to Cologne, it started already at main station Hamburg. No waggon numbers visible anywhere and they changed the waggon order. So I had to run by 14 train waggons within a minute to actually get to mine…And…How the fuck do they number the waggons? 7 comes after 14? Well yeah, good job…

And then the seat reservation displays and their system had broken down, so you literally had to chase away people sitting on your seat in overcrowded waggons because in one of the first class ones the heating had died and so they had to move people to the other waggons…Yes, it was rather messy. Especially if you add on top that there are hardly power sockets that worked…I had “amazing” 4 hours of train ride…

// Wished for //
Snow! …And didn’t get any 😦 that needs to be mentioned because my Christmas wishes were more than just fulfilled, so …

// Dreamt about //  
I am dreaming a lot about project plans and Apocalyptica again lately…This mix has mostly become the topics of my not so creepy dreams.

Yet I do have creepy dreams, like being in a house with several families and noticing that the flat above mine is burning and calling the fire brigade, running outside but then back in and being trapped in the cellar all of a sudden and being surrounded by flames and thus unable to escape…

// Bought //  
Nothing really special when it comes to I m buying and also paying for it – a bit of food and that’s it, because over these days now I don’t need to buy anything, the train tickets were already bought, same for presents and everything…I surely did forget something but right now I really cannot think of anything…

// Statement of the week //
“Oooh I thought the dress was one of those that you bought yesterday!” (statement about the dress I wore at Christmas Eve and that I had been sewing myself)



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