Day X+119-125 – Christmas Days

The Christmas days were so busy that really blogging about every day was impossible, so it´s one of my tasks today to shortly tell you a bit about each and every day 🙂

22.12.2016 – Day X+119
Travel day is busy day is me annoyed day, and if you mix this with the need of writing the project plan for my course, you can imagine how great my mood was. I was okay when I was at Hamburg station, but they messed up the numbering of the train waggons and also didn´t even visibly number them…total mess as I had to run to the total other end of the train as it had been initially indicated.

Seat reservation system was also broken, but I was lucky to have a single seat where I was able to successfully write for 3 of the 4.5 hours and therefore have a bit more time for relaxing over Christmas days.

23.12.2016 – Day X+120
Dog day! I “borrowed” the dog from my “step sister” for a day because I hadn´t seen him for ages and yes, I missed him and a dog was simply what I needed after all troubles, all stress and all problems that I lately had to face. I even got up at 8am for this dog, something that I would do for hardly anything or anyone to be be fully honest, not go for a 3km walk like 9am in the morning, but it felt good. I spent the whole day like this, except for a planned quick trip to MediaMarkt for some shopping, that then ended in being invited to buy clothes for myself…I am grateful, because I am someone who especially now rather waits until something falls into pieces before buying something new…

In the afternoon then another looong walk, after which the dog and I were both totally done and just laid down in the living room, before in the evening we more or less watched everyone else decorate the Christmas tree…

24.12.2016 – Day X+121
I love decorating, so I was happy to be on duty for the Christmas table – and my little Christmas trees, sewed and stuffed, also were a good thing to work on before Christmas and until the very last second!

Christmas itself was lovely, a really fun evening with good company, an amazing looking tree, delicious food and sweet presents and just fun watching everyone unwrap their presents!

25.12.2016 – Day X+122
A break from Christmas, somewhat – a free day for me 😉 I slept a lot because I woke up with a hurting throat and massive cold and didn´t feel too well, but a long walk in the afternoon was a nice thing to do, espcially because it made me see what changed around the placed that I used to know quite well back in the days where I still lived in Cologne…kinda feels weird to come back and be like “was that there before???”. In the evening I used the leftover pineapple to make a nice chicken breast with pineapple, tomato and bellpepper pan…so tasty!

Our Christmas tree

26.12.2016 – Day X+123
I was still not feeling too well, but with Grippostad at hand I had to get myself fit to get packing already because the afternoon and until the late evening I spent time with my aunt and uncle, as usual. A lot of tasty food and good chatting, and afterwards I simply dropped into bed, dead tired and exhausted…but was I able to fall asleep? Nope, I was waiting and waiting and hoping to fall asleep but it really was a struggle…

27.12.2016 – Day X+124
Went to visit my grandma in her elderly home before I went to my mum´s place for some hours before going back to Hamburg. The walk at the Rhine really felt good, and I just love the sound of water and everything…what I do not like is trains. Full trains. And babies on trains – accompanied by sleeping parents who sleep even though their baby is crying and screaming for ages. Working on my project plan thus was nearly impossible, which really brings me into time problems…

28.12.2016 – Day X+125
A day full of catching up, washing three machines of laundry, doing grocery shopping and and and…let´s see what is still coming, but there is plenty on my to do list for today and also the coming days, so it will keep me busy unfortunately even though my body would really need some rest…


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