Always on Sunday (23)

Well, I had planned to ber publishing this already yesterday, but since the firework photos had turned out that lovely, I thought looking at photos might be easier for everyone who had a hard night partying 😉

// Listened to //  This week´s been a mix between a lot of songs, but those that touched me most or were most important were the following:

Nothing More – “I´ll be okay”
Apocalyptica – Shadowmaker (I suppose you know the song by now ^^)
Pain of Salvation – the full “Road Salt One” album
Emelie Sande – Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (cover)

// Done //
Laundry, washing dishes, doing laundry, buying food, not doing enough sports, no sewing, watching quite a bit of TV, sleeping well again (finally!), still struggling against a nasty cold, photographing and editing those photos (there is still some to come!) and a ton of smaller little things…

// Eaten //  
Well, the week after all the massive eating I spent with eating health and trying really hard to stick to the WeightWatchers points – because I really need to get back on track and back to watching what I am eating and especially how much. Because that´s lately been the problem, but it went well this week if you exclude New Year´s Eve mostly.

// Thought //
That this week was quite an emotional end of this year – I don´t wanna go into detail but I was reflecting a lot about the year and everything that happened and on top I had current struggles to fight, so it was an emotional time between everything is good, I am terrified, depressed, desperate and outraged…being someone who is rather emotional is quite exhausting and energy draining, because it feels like you are on a permanent rollercoaster ride. And at times I seriously wish I was a robot without feelings…

// Happy about //
You know, my 2017 didn´t start too amazing – I mean I had good food and drink and my neighbours did amazing fireworkds that I was photographing and that all was amazing, up until the point when I started walking around and chatted with a woman, watching some more fireworks.
And all of a sudden my voice was gone, my throat all locked up and me unable to breathe. And I had 200m to get home, and half of the way I couldn´t breathe still, and I was relieved when I was home and on my phone with my mum for some advice as I was not able to think clearly anymore due to being unable to breathe properly…so yeah it really made me happy that my mum was there for me in this moment via the phone…

Also, I got sweet presents from my boyfriend and his family…so adorable

// Read //  
About crisis and conflicts emerging in projects, how to notice them early through warning signals and how to avoid a conflict to turn into a crisis – to put it terribly shorts as a summary of around 100 pages in my project management book for my course…Exciting, not. Well yes it was quite interesting but I did no expect it to be so much reading work in comparison to the other topics that you were abe to choose from…stupid me, choosing the biggest chapters…

// Angry about //
 All those idiots that started shooting their fireworks and all the fire crackers already on the day before New Year´s Eve and generally it felt ore like a warfield before actual New Year´s Eve when it all turned rather nice. The noise of those massive fire crackers sound like explosions, and who on earth needs this shit? Like, really! Buy smaller ones, and that´s it. Not those that blow up big trash cans and make your windows shake when they blow up…

// Wished for //
A more stable 2017, a more stable me, a more stable everything yet with the same amount of madness, travelling, music and and and…it is a weird combination and might seem contradictory to many, but for me this can go all hand in hand – in my bubble of an ideal world at least 😉

// Dreamt about //
 Actually not much since some things were cleared out, it feels as if I was catching up on proper sleep without odd and creepy dreams that make me wake up every few hours…for the past months I hadn´t slept that well as I did now…

// Bought //  
Alcohol free sparking wine from Rotkäppchen and I am really not fully convinced it was the right choice. It is okay but nothing I´d like to be drinking all the time – which sucks because I am really on the search for an alcohol free sparkling wine as I also in 2017 will try to mostly not drink alcohol…

// Statement of the week // 
“One person can make a difference and every person should try.” – John F. Kennedy

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2 Responses to Always on Sunday (23)

  1. Laura Meyer says:

    Happy new year! 🙂 I hope the things to come will be awesome – nah! I am sure they will be (they have to be).

    I can really relate to the laundry thingy. Sometimes I ask myself, if we have any house elves or something. Surely two persons cannot pile up so much laundry during one week?!

    • Happy new year to you aswell 🙂
      Seriously, I always think – week by week – nah, this week there is hardly any laundry. And then I see the pile of dirty clothes and am like “wait, did I wear ALL of this again?” -.-

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