Day X+126-131 – Let´s welcome 2017

So much to catch up on because there was so much else to blog about and to share that this simply had to be waiting for a day with no blog post yet…don´t want to overtax you, right? 😉

29.12.2016 – Day X+126
Late Christmas of my boyfriend and me, and a relaxed evening with good food and couch and things and just nice and cozy…before I was cleaning my apartment a bit and tidying up again, plus I still had some unpacking to do…

30.12.2016 – Day X+127
I was lightpainting in the evening hours again, but somehow this time it really didn´t want to be working well, and I really got angry because I needed so many tries for every tiny thing that I lost my patience.

Besides this, brunch with my boyfriend and afterwards going to the store to buy some last things that I was laking and forgot to buy beforehand…oh the brain…

31.12.2016 – Day X+128
Woke up to a foggy grey and wet weather and had a good laugh when I found an exactly liek this sounding Facebook post from last year at the same time…but opposite to last year I decided to grab my camera and go for a walk through the fog, taking black and white photos only, kinda showing how it looks like when everything fades to grey – and the photos you saw two days ago. And I had planned to do a smaller walk and in the end it was around 6km once I was back again.

In the afternoon and evening I then had self made wraps, as well as tortilla chips with a dip and alcohol free sparkling wine (did not taste that mindblowing, but was okay) and had planned to be watching  amovie – but ended up playing computer games all evening long before I went out for photographing.

Everything was okay until i went for a little walk and had a chat with a woman watching young guys shoot some fireworks, but all of a sudden my throat closed, my voice was gone, breathing impossible so I tried to rush home being halfway unable to breathe and then got myself some fresh air that was not yet polluted from fireworks. Once in my apartment I had to be relaxing, and struggled with massive pain in my lungs…it was tough but also that passed and then I dropped into bed pretty dead at like 3am.

01.01.2017 – Day X+129
Photo editing – because I woke up feeling rather well, due to not having had any alcohol. That´s something that I really enjoyed about it, to sit there, being all fit and happy and able to be productive through editing all the photos from last night and last afternoon as well as working heavily on my project plan even though my motivation is low. But it needs to be done, so I do it. That´s how it all rolls.

My lung was still hurting a bit, breathing was not my fave thing to do – even the plan to go for a walk ended pretty quickly because after just 200m I felt it was too cold for my lung and my whole body and walked back – and totally felt stupid, but this is how things roll at times. Maybe it was tiredness, maybe the cold that seemingly never leaves (or is it allergy already again?).

02.01.2017 – Day X+130
I was…writing my project plan and playing a game in turns, always setting a timer so that I was able to ensure I was not going to end up with more time playing than actually being productive.
In the evening I had some weird stress attack and ripped off all my finger nails again – I have no idea why I at times feel this urge but it is annoying…because my fingers do not really appreciate this at all to say it nicely.

03.01.2017 – Day X+131
It was raining when I got up at 6am to be at my physiotherapy session in time – because I had forgotten that I was not having my course today and thus booked myself in early…stupid me and I really regretted it. The rest of the day I spent inside, learning for my project management course exam at the end of the month and I was playing and sewing a tiny little bit. Really would´ve liked to go for a walk but nope…