Top 10 Posts of 2016

To be fair, when I created this blog entry and had the idea of sharing this, I wasn´t expecting really to even have posts from 2014 still appearing here now- because I really have no idea what people search for that they end up reading these old posts…

So, let´s have a look at what you seemingly liked most 😉

  1. Interview with Netta Skog  (2015)
  2. Diary: My crutches and me – Part 2 (2014)
  3. Deo spray – Balea – Raspberry & Cherry (2015)
  4. stripTEASE – Testing Lesson (2016)
  5. Put your leg up! (2014)
  6. Weight Watchers – Fertiggerichte (2015)
  7. #issgesund – Gesunde Ernährung – und was das für mich bedeutet (2016)
  8. The body in the mirror (2016)
  9. Day X – Dismissed! (2016)
  10. A look into the mirror – body vs. mind (2016)

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