Always on Sunday (24)

This is so embarassing…usually I at least made it on Monday, so with just one day of delay, but now it is Tuesday already and man, if you could, you would now see me blushing…but life´s so busy lately I dunnot know what to tackle first..

// Listened to //  Apocalyptica – “Letting the cables sleep” – this song reminds me on tough times, but I love it so much because it is a deeply emotional and brutally honest song. I would love to hear Franky Perez sing this. And hear it live. This would be like…massive.

// Done //
I started my Hoop course, about which I will also be blogging soonish once I am finding the time for it, as I am really busy right now with the hoop course, my project management course, learning for that course and that project plan for it, as well as all the house hold related annoying things, blogging on here and last but not least my boyfriend and time for myself. Oh I forgot to talk about writing applications…that one also eats time as if there was no tomorrow anymore.
And then the week is pretty much over without having sewed a single moment.

Talking about sewing, I am currently fighting with a somewhat dress that has too tight arm-holes and arms in general, so I will need to find a way how to fix this somehow in the close future because the fabrics I used is really lovely and matching to winter and icy cold temperatures, so wearing it in sommer wouldn´t really be a proper option to me at least.

// Eaten //  
Too much sweets and unhealthy stuff and I was permanently struggling to keep within my Weight Watchers points, which also had shown on my weight unfortunately. I have no idea how I was able to keep my weight over all the Christmas eating, but then fuck it up now…

// Thought //
That I need to watch my stress level again, because my skin slowly and well-hidden started making problems again on my hands. It is the first and best sign to see if and how much I am stressed. I often don´t even notice that I am like a hamster in its wheel until my skin clearly sends me those signs and I reflect and need to admit that I am again in this sick workoholic mood caused my anxities of failing and the fear of what the future might bring. Those two things are really the things that trigger most of my stress attacks, even though all the things I need to do don´t make it any better.

// Happy about //
Some things working out because I can work on it and just get a hold of it again. Feels good. And lets me sleep and also the fact that the project plan is coming really nicely, I am always as far as I can be in regards what we can do based on what we learned…so at least this is working out. I like these practical things more than learning ^^

// Read //  
At times there´s interesting articles being shared on LinkedIn, and this happened this week again – an article about “Super fast failing” (aka even faster than you usually do in software development, or well, you could if you would really embrace this strategy) which a finnish gaming company incorporated. The article is quite interesting and fascinating and surely does make me want to experience this as an employee some day.

// Angry about //
The parcel delivery service GLS. You know, I ordered sewing stuff from my fave polish store and they deliver with those guys. Out of the past 3 times, every time I told them the same place where to drop off my parcel when I am not there, they twice fucked it up. But this time it´s been a major fuck up – I told them again to put it in front of my apartment door and NOT in front of the door of the house I am living in because…it is outside then. And take a guess where this asshole put the parcel as it seems…yes, outside the building. And by evening, the parcel was gone. And now I can take care of getting in touch with the store so they can et in touch with GLS and try to get the money back so that I can get the money back. It´s not only about financial loss but most of the fabrics I ordered are sold out now…

// Wished for //
This cold but dry weather to stay, except the icy ground that made coming to my boyfriend´s place a real challenge…it was more of a sliding than walking when I had to, crazy, really. But these cold temperatures up to -12°C with sunshine…how can you not love this?

// Dreamt about //
Apocalyptica. A lot. And I have no real reason why it is like it is, but probably it is just a sign of me needing a concert of them to refill my heart with this music and some attention 😉 No seriously, I think this might be the reason, as well as the fact that this band feels like a second family after my real family…

// Bought //  
A calendar to carry around with me, a really cute one I gotta say. And a lot of veggies, meat-alternative stuff, rubber bands for training flexibility better and more efficiently, and some pens…and something for my boyfriend (since he knows about getting something, I can even write this here ^^)

// Statement of the week //
“How can someone so beautiful be so miserable?” (Lyrics:  Apocalyptica – “Shadowmaker”)


2 thoughts on “Always on Sunday (24)

  1. Awww, I love this cold temperatures as well! Today it is raining, but for the past few days we’ve had a lot of snow. I was excited like a little kid! 😀

    I really hope that you can get your money back from the GLS loss. I hate it, when something like this happens. I’ve sent a christmas package with Hermes to a client of mine and the driver dropped the package off at some neighbours’ house and he didn’t even leave a message -.- I mean, wtf? It was a parcel from one business to another business and he drops it off at some private household? Without even leaving this stupid piece of paper, that my client would have known where to pick his christmas gift up?
    In the end, we could find out and retrieve the package, but orrr. Hate it.

    1. Hermes…that is another story aswell…i don´t know what is wrong with these delivery services that they have so…ignorant/stupid drivers. And I still haven´t heard from the seller after having immediatel< contacted their customer service…I am really angry…this is like…idiots everywhere somehow xD

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