Hoop Lesson 1 (06.01.17)

So it all started now, and I started the course after having done just one testing lesson quite a while ago. And after having done proper workouts since my dismissal in September – and that is quite a while and clearly showed during the first lesson.

And that showed already during the warm up, I felt like this was a strength workout lasting forever and not just the warm up phase of the whole lesson.

And the lesson then started with a disappointment as they had exchanged the song for our choreography to a song that makes me simply depressed and want to curl up and hide in bed rather than do anything artistical.

But judge yourself, as taste differs: Nicole Dollanganger – “Chapel”

The choreography starts with some slow floor work which won´t really be much of a problem for now – or at least clearly not gonna be my main problem.

We started then on the hoop with a delilah mount and a delilah – the first one worked okish except the fact of looking stupid whilst getting there, but the second one…I simply couldn´t grab my leg somehow. I don´t know if I was simply too scared that my left hand might not hold me and I would crash, or that my back is simply a mess…no idea, but I am working on my flexibility at home now…

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