Bucket List for 2017

You know, I got the inspiration for this from a  little book that my kinda step sister gave me for Christmas (you can see the cover and header image) that is about the 100 things a woman should´ve done in her life.

Many of the things I aready have done, but I will start fresh and from scratch in 2017 and from now on will be trying to achieve the positive ones at least.

I´ll not be including the obvious like being healthy and finding a new job, because that´s kinda just the basic stuff 😉

And those things are on my personal bucket list for the year:

#1 – Learn how to bind a necktie
#2 – Spend one night in an expensive luxury hotel
#3 – Do it yourself – sewing. At least 12 pieces of clothing or other things
#4 – Color your nails each in a different color – DONE
#5 – Go to the airport and spontaneously book a weekend trip
#6 – Be silent for a full day
#7 – Place a bet at horse racing
#8 – Go and bath naked in a lake
#9 – Get a new tattoo
#10 – Go and see a soccer match at the stadium – DONE
#11 – Do a pole dance course (or similar course)
#12 – Cut off your hair
#13 – Don´t eat sweets for a whole week – DONE
#14 – Dance in the rain
#15 – Clean up your wardrobe
#16 – Set up an IKEA shelf yourself
#17 – Do a photoshoot
#18 – Find your dream-weight
#19 – Eat vegan for a whole week
#20 – Bath in champagne

Those are the oney I really want to try to achieve, if that doest work, noone´s gonna die – but I wanna spice up my life a bit 😉