Hoop Playtime (11.01.2017)

You remember how frustrated I was after the delilah didn´t work as I was seemingly too afraid that my hand wouldn´t be able to hold me and my back and full body was seemingly not flexible enough.

So during the past days I worked on my flexibility every evening for 20-30 minutes. It was not much but even during these exercises that I did, I saw some improvements, yet I was still afraid to try this move.

So I warmed up and everything, and somehow I never know when I warmed up my hands and wrists enough – I feel it with every other muscle when it is all fine to get into action, just not there – and this is a damn essential part actually.

I started with repreating bit with the floorwork that was in the choreography but then turned to the delilah…and I put a thin yoga mat under the hoop, more as a mental “you´re gonna be okay even if you´d fall”, which is bullshit because of it being so think, but it´s all about tricking the mind. And it worked.

It all worked out as you can see, and I kept on repeating, repeating and repeating for like 9 times, and it got easier and I got more of a safety feeling the more I did it. Only thing that really looks still retarded and I need to work on is ho I lgrab my left foot with my right hand. That still is a bit tricky, but the stretching afterwards worked pretty well already.

It felt good to see this little success for me, and so important to keep motivated to work also at home on my flexibility and strength because if you see that the work pays off, then you simply keep going 😉

My training was ended in a rather funny way, because during my last delilah I noticed, when looking into the mirror that my nose was bleeding…looked hilarious, wish I´d have a photo of this xD

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