Day X+132-138 – Let´s freeze!

Somehow I had so many other blogs planned and written, and was so busy on a daily basis, that these little summaries have no pretty much piled up and it was rather hard to remember everything, but as with everything I am giving my best to recapture! Part one of trying to catch up ;))

04.01.2017 – Day X+132
I got my calendar for the year – yes, I am old fashioned and went back to a calendar I can hold in my hands and write into and it´s just cute…fits me very well and filling everything into it really was a lot of fun!

05.01.2017 – Day X+133
Hamburg´s partially flooded, and Deutsche Bahn is again surprised by colder weather – it´s not like it´d been announced by the weather forecast for the past 1,5 weeks, but it comes as a surprise. Every year from new, it´s like a goldpish forgetting what happened a damned second ago. Hopeless case and thus I just arrived with around 25min delay at my course…Cheers!

06.01.2017 – Day X+134
Day with ups and downs, clearly. Luckily no course today, but the hoop lesson in the evening which also was partially frustrating because I had to face the fact my muscles had disappeared and so had my strength, same goes for my flexibility that seemingly had vanished. And I am not even talking about the continous struggle with GLS and the stupidity of one of their drivers…I could be ranting for hours, days and weeks probably, but it wouldn´t be changing anything anyways…

07.01.2017 – Day X+135
A day with my love, a day of sliding home after having bought the things we needed for cooking…weather was crazy, it was all dangerous because walking was hardly possible due to all the ice on the ground…

08.01.2017 – Day X+136
Sundays should be days for relaxing, but once I left my boyfriend´s place it was again a terribly busy day because so many things needed to be done – during the week I never get done what I´d like to get done, simply because I am more and more lacking the energy I would need after the course…so I tried to get everything done and squeeze in some gaming and me-time…

09.01.2017 – Day X+137
Monday. And I am stressed out. Too many things on my daily agenda, and the days just have 24 hours but I have: physiotherapy, the project management course, work at home for the project management course, sports and house scores. Also I would love to be sewing again and spending some more time on playing some games, but my hot bath is the only luxury that I can take. And I miss spending more time with my boyfriend…sigh.

10.01.2017 – Day X+138
You know, you are tired, it is only Tuesday and somehow you try to get through the day of gantt charts and whatnot else. And then you get the first job interview invitation of the year, and it´s supposed to be on Friday 13th…coincidence? I really don´t know, but it was kind ahilarious and clearly got be excited!


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