Day X+139-145 – Rain, snow and ice

Finally I am coming up to date again! It took me a while, I know, but writing about the daily business every evening just didn´t work out because I rather spent time on my project plan than writing here…guilty, yes I am.

11.01.2017 – Day X+139
Stressed. Worn out. But after all the hassle and working on my project plan with MS project after some exercises in the group I still went to do my Hoop play time because I needed to clear my mind and thought that sports where I need to focus on something else would be a good choice. And yes, it really was, it showed. And it went well, even though the inner side of my knee thinks differently and I wonder how long it´ll take until the bruises will be gone again…

12.01.2017 – Day X+140
My stress level is high, really high, and that even though things are going well at the project management course and I was able to leave early as I got my “go” for the stuff I had done in MS project rather early today. I should be happy and proud of myself that I managed it so well, all I feel is exhaustion and emptiness. And all I want is sleep and not to be learning…

13.01.2017 – Day X+141
Friday 13th started at shortly before midnight with stomach issues, battling pain, and the urge to throw up. It was terrible and really kept me awake for many hours at nighttime which pissed me off because at around lunchtime I had my job interview. Not sure how it went, I generally never have a really good feeling with those, so…
Still didn´t feel well in the evening, and my circulation also hated me so after half of my hoop lesson I left, I simply couldn´t manage it today. Totally frustrated and down and upset.

14.01.2017 – Day X+142
How to lower a massively high stress level? Yes, spend time with the boyfriend. Go for a walk, make pizza, hang out on the couch and watch Vikings. And then just curl up under a blanket and fall asleep…I think there is no better way to get rid off the stress, and my stomach really thought the same – because my stomach issues disappeared and my dizziness aswell. Everything turned me just into a relaxed piece of human flesh ;))

15.01.2017 – Day X+143
Sunday, work day. Boyfriend left, I left my cozy state of mind – laundry, dishes, tidying up, learning. Cooking, pre-cooking. And then in the evening I wasn´t relaxed anymore at all. I am already stressed now, and I have a tough and stressful week still ahead with a phone and one skype interview, my course and everything…aready ditched my coming play time on Tuesday evening to have time to myself and to learning.

16.01.2017 – Day X+144
Physiotherapy at 7.20am is really crappy already when having lessons starting at 8.30am. making it worse, it is Monday, and lessons started at 10.30am – but at least I was able to learn some more for my exam next week, because I had hardly anything to distract me from the whole whilst sitting in the class room…the rest of the day – busy as usual, school, food shopping , preparations for the skype interview tomorrow and cooking, eating, hot bath, and then falling into bed feeling as if I wouldn´t even be waking up tomorrow anymore.

17.01.2017 – Day X+145
Rushed to school, had some hours there before I rushed home to prepare my living room so that a skype job interview would be looking good at least – quite some tidying up as it showed more than I actually thought it would, and the light here in my little computer corner sucks anyways, no matter what I do. But I did my best and well, let´s see if they want to meet me in person. Would be cool, but as usual I simply try to keep my hopes low so that I am not disappointed in the end. This double workload of school and what comes with it and the job search is kinda heavy on my shoulders, I feel like really needing vacations and a time out.