Always on Sunday (26)

…another week´s passed by, and what a week it has been. So full and busy, but really a good one with quite some reasons to laugh and smile 🙂

// Done // Learning, school, hoop lesson, cleaning, cooking, food shopping, time with my boyfriend and and and and and and…the list is really long, but I am not going to bother you with it.

// Eaten // Pizza and finnish chocolate, as the highlights of the week I would say. But I love selfmade food even more, because it is just…healthier and my stomach prefers it more to be fully honest.

// Bought //  Food, also pizza…and index cards for learning for my final exam at the end of February! Oh and my loved protein chocolate pancakes and a low calories syrup to sweeten it.

// Listened to //  A sneak preview from a new song by Gil Ofarim, called “Still here” – I´ve been waiting desperately for new music by this guy, and it sounds really good…even though new tracks from his band Acht would also be appreciated 😉

// Watched //  It´s a short film/documentary about a tiny and pretty much abandoned village called “Pyramiden”, where only very few people permanently reside. But watch it, everyone who is drawn into adventurous places just needs to get curious…I seriously wanna go there and check it out, and not just for a day but for a week or so…so much to discover and photograph and experience, that is for sure I´d say.

// Read //  I read this article (sorry, in Germany only) about the Denmark classifying now geomagnetic storms as a danger for their country, and put it onto the list of dangers alongside with terrorism, other natural disasters and such happenings. To be fair, even though the dangers of our technoclogy getting fucked up due to certain constellations that might possibly happen with a geomagnetic storm, it somehow feels highly hilarious to kinda put it onto the same level as terrorism. Don´t get me wrong, I kinda understand their intention and having an eye better once more onto nature related happenings than one time too few, totally fine. But it is hard to imagine that things which apocalypse-themed movies partially show might become real in whatever kind of shape and extent…

// Thought // How much I miss Jyväskylä and some of the crazy old times when going on a cruise for a band and all of this stuff. It felt good when you didn´t yet have to worry about vacation days, or earning money and everything…so many responsibilities that joined during the past years which kinda killed most of the fun…and all those experiences is something noone can take away from me. But Jyväskylä – I miss this place. I miss my lake, I miss the bars, I miss Lutakko…I never fully let go.

// Happy about // …my friend Klaudia coming over to visit me and have a great time at the Insomnium gig, and bumping into a mate of mine after the show, as a total surprise…Music and friends, and my camera, that´s always a good combination!

// Angry about // …my hands being so problematic skin-wise. Neurodermatitis, and then I ripped off the skin on my hand during hoop and it hurts like hell and I really thought my skin could handle this after having done pole dancing, but it seems like the pressure points are even stronger here due to the rather thin hoop where to grab…

// Wished for // Going on vacations for a week. No matter where. Just away from here, away from all the stress and everything, to turn off the mind and relax. not for sightseeing, no. Just relaxing. hanging out on the beach or a mountain cabin or whatnot…

// Dreamt about // Loads of weird things, a mix of odd happenings and everything that would never ever be matching together. Crazy dreams, that I was hardly able to recall when I woke up already, and luckily the memories really faded quickly afterwards. At least they were not able to confuse me during daytime still, as they mostly already made me struggle with sleeping well enough to wake up all relaxed and fit.


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