Day X+146-151 – Crazy Times

18.01.2017 – Day X+146
After school I went to my boyfriend´s place because meeting at the weekend is not going to be possible, so we gotta change plans 😉 It was a great evening and really just what I needed, because calming down and turning off the mind is so extremely important right now. I need to load my batteries, and I cannot do it anywhere else than with my boyfriend…

19.01.2017 – Day X+147
I was tired, the weather simply just made me tired and all I wanted to do was eat and sleep. Instead I was sitting at school again and in need of focussing, which was hard because of also some other news that made me thoughtful. I feel a bit like all of my energy is drained and I don´t have any power left, which is starting to really worry me.

20.01.2017 – Day X+148
A crazy busy day – at least no school for me, but at 12pm (lunchtime) my friend who had come to visit me and I did an interview with the singer of the band “Wolfheart” (because initially I´d have had a job interview at 3pm) before going back home. Then in the evening I had my hoop lesson after which I immediately rushed to the concert venue for the Insomnium show and straight into the photopit. Crappy lights, but as I figured out later, I know the band´s light technician…I will be nice for once 😉 And meeting this person again was a surprise, a really great surprise. Brought back quite some memories, of crazy concert trips for Deep Insight and my time in Jyväskylä…Afterwards ordered a cab and then had a drink at home and then went to bed, totally exhausted from the day.

21.01.2017 – Day X+149
My friend went sightseeing whilst I had to be learning for my exam on coming Tuesday, and I was happy that I made quite some progress. even though my anxiety reagrding exams is still as big as always, I start feeling more comfortable with the thought of the exam…but let´s see in a bit when it comes closer. In the evening we had pizza and fun chatting, but it didn´t get that late as I was really exhausted for some reasons…

22.01.2017 – Day X+150
My friend left and I hopped into the bath tub before I started doing all of the necessary house scores- I had planned to be also learning quite a bit but then the day was already over and I was tired. So instead I decided
on doing some gymnastics and ab workout and thne fall into bed instead of trying to force the brain to function.