Hoop Lesson 2 (13.01.17) & Lesson 3 (20.01.17) & Play Time (24.01.17)

Well, there is not much to say about Lesson 2 from Friday 13th (13.01.2017), simply because I had felt stomach sick for the whole night and day already- but still I attended. After the warm up and the first repetition of the Delilah move my stomach had decided that it clearly does not want me to continue anymore, I felt like throwing up or fainting, or both at the same time so I went home to recover. Kinda sucked because I missed out on quite some parts of the choreography, but health comes first as I need my body for a tad longer still.

Then in Lesson 3 (20.01.2017) I had quite some things to catch up with and to be honest, I was really struggling with the speed they were going through this. Sometimes my brain is simply slow with getting how to things, especially if it is after a long day of learning and sitting still. But once I got it, it went rather smooth – my bruises all over my body are telling a different story, but no can do 😉 What I really struggle with is stuff where I need to be head upside down, because of  all the stress I have I tend to be feel a tad dizzy, and that really doesn´t make it any better, and I have to have my eyes open…
The playtime (24.01.2017) then went really well, I practiced not only what I need for the choreography but put an emphasis on repeating those moves also for the side that is not needed in the chorography to ensure I will not develop a hyper strong side and a terribly weak one as it happened to me when I still did pole dancing. I enjoyed the playtime, being able to keep on repeating things over and over and trying new ways to get those working – the devil´s in the details, and during the lessons at times I feel like we´re simply rushing through. I am a person loving technique, and the playtime clearly does give me the time for living that attitude a bit more 😉


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