Always on Sunday (27)

// Done // Been working hard on my project plan stuff during the week to be able to mostly relax over the weekend and also during coming Monday and Tuesday because I really need a timeout for my brain. I started cleaning and tidying up my apartment and did sports and all of the normal things kinda 😉 Oh and I started counting bruises on my body thanks to my Hoop lessons…

// Eaten // Went to “Otto´s Burger” before going to the concert and whilst the burger I ordered had sounded amazing, the taste was rather…disappointing somehow whilst the one I tasted from my boyfriend was soooo good. I just had the perfect choice again…really annoying. Plus, it didn´t really make me full for long, veggies and some meat really do it better…

// Bought //  A ticket to see In Gowan Ring – at the door, because the pre-sale had ended already when my boyfriend and I wanted to buy them online. Really inexpensive, in a tiny venue (50 places, seated) and amazing concert….so much magic!

// Listened to //  “Love of my Life” by Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics as a tribute to Freddie Mercury. I´ve always loved Aaron´s voice since I saw him first on stage with Heaven´s Basement, and his departing from the band was heartbreaking. But this tune just melts my heart and sends me shivers an goosebumps.

// Watched //  “It takes 2” on German TV channel RTL – it is about some celebs pairing up with musicians and then enter a singing challenge. To be honest, I only wtached this because Gil Ofarim was involved and I wanted to hear him singing again…the rest could´ve been scrapped and I wouldn´t have minded to be honest 😉 Especially because most of the celebs I didn´t even know xD

// Read // First off, I am everything but no fan of Machine Head singer Robb Flynn. Not gonna go into details why, but I´ve met more charming people than him. Anyways, this is not connected at all with this here, so let´s focus on what matters – because I have read this Facebook entry (you do NOT need a Facebook account to read it) written by him. And after so many controversial posts that kinda pissed me off and made me not read those ramblings anymore, this time I read it and it turned out to be super touching. Because it felt like it was the most personal post that he has done so far on facebook, it was like he was showing his vulnerable side and everything…
I am happy I continued reading even though the headline, beng about the women´s march kinda pushed me away because it´s a topic I got enough of during the past week somehow. Never expected it to be such a worthy read…Kudos to Robb!

// Thought //  That I am really close to achieving my -1kg of weight for January…maybe I will be losing the last 200g that are still needed today somehow, that would be totally perfect xD

// Happy about // Having passed my pre-exam with 70 out of 90 points in my project management course. Really relieved to be totally honest because I was really worried and scared that my fear of exams might have destroyed everything again…it was so terrible writing it, I don´t wanna think about this anymore.
Also I was happy about being invited to two fae to face job interviews for the two coming weeks, it seems to be going uphill a bit at least 😉

// Angry about // President Dumb, ehrm Trump. Banning refugees and other people from certain countries is the most bastard thing to do. People that have a legal permission to live in the US are now struggling to get back home from trips abroad, no matter if they have a greencard or not. Who the fuck does he think he is? He only bans countries where he doesn´t do any business, no matter if the “terrorism risk” is any less high than with the other countries. Really, who is supposed to believe that terrorism and ensuring safety for the population is the real reason there? It´s just about him wanting to have only “his race” in the country and making sure noone else gets in. Congratulations, we haven´t learned from history as it seems.  I could be writing many pages on this right now because it really pisses me off, but maybe another time…

// Wished for // For a miracle to happen so I would have a job after finishing my course because I am again hitting the point where I am losing self-confidence and belief in myself that nothing positive comes around even though I had so many job interviews and am working my ass off just to finally have a job again, to have financial security (my family supports me, sure, but this ain´t the way it should need to be), to be able to afford a weekend trip, a day in a fucking spa, to go out for dinner or grab kunch somewhere without wondering if it´s in my monthly budget…

// Dreamt about //  An odd mix of bands and my boyfriend and Wacken Open Air…really weird mixture and I really couldn´t make any sense of it, especially because there was a train going underground through the festival area…



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2 Responses to Always on Sunday (27)

  1. Laura says:

    awww, congrats! A passed pre-exam is great! And I’ll keep my fingers crossed, that you find a new job. I am sure, everything is going to be fine!

    And yeah. Mr. Tiny Hands keeps me raging, too. I can’t believe that people are dumb enough to get blinded by populists, but here we are…sigh.

    • I am so stressed I thought I would have had replied to the comment already -.-´ but noooo. Sorry 😦 Yeah it is good I passed it but the final exam will included like 10 times as much content as that pre-exam…and it happens in like 3 weeks and 1 day :S

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