Day X+151-155 – Life´s a challenge

Time to catch up again, because during the week time I am simply totally worn out and not feeling like writing anymore. All I want is usually to have the day over and me going to bed…Maybe once the weather improves, this also goes better, but let´s see.

23.01.2017 – Day X+151
All about last preparations for the exam tomorrow, and I am nervous and totally stressed out about it because if I fail at this exam, I cannot take part at the final exam for the certification. I hate this pressure, and combined with not being used to exams anymore and my total panic during exams anways, this is like walking towards a very certain death. I really tried to stay calm and pretended to myself that I am calm, but well…nope.

24.01.2017 – Day X+152
Pre-exam t my project management course and to be honest, my fear of exams killed me. I really felt like my brain was halfway dead and I really had to fight hard to get through it and I struggled with the time. I finished nearly all of the tasks, but I really felt crappy asfterwards and all stressed out. I think I´d feel fitter after running a marathon than when writing an exam. At least the Hoop playtime worked out really well and was fun, even though it always feels weird that I am the only Hoop one in between all of the pole dancers…

25.01.2017 – Day X+153
I feel totally worn out after the exam yesterday, and my muscles are also stiff from the workout last evening…a day where neither brain, nor body relly wanted to function but of course had to function as there was the course to attend with topics that were both needed for the project plan writing as well as the final exam in the end. Not that anyone was really motivated or so…at least I wasn´t, I mean, I would have but I simply felt like not having any power left for it.

26.01.2017 – Day X+154
During daytime the day was…well, it could have been better for my boyfriend and for myself, but the afternoon and evening clearly made up for it. We met after work and the course for dinner and decided on a burger restaurant – my boyfriend made a better choice than I did, because my burger was not too amazing to be fully honest, but my smoothie was simply fab! And then we went to the concert venue just to be told the show was a bit postponed, so we walked around in the old until doors were open. The concert then…man, just for like 40-50 people, a tiny stage, all seated places and what a music…it simply erased reality from my mind for a while and brought me to a totally different world.

27.01.2017 – Day X+155
I got the info that I passed the pre-exam of my project management course – 70 out of 90 points, not really sufficient for my own taste and perfectionism, but as long as I pass, I pass. I stayed longer at school to get some chapter of my project plan finished, just to really make sure I can relax over the weekend and do not need to stress about it anymore. In the evening I had my hoop lesson and was happy to see that the playtime had paid off and I really did much better than during the last lesson. That I was really done afterwards anyways is a different story, my hands were hurting and red and swollen…I am such a pussy, really.