Hoop Lesson 4 (27.01.17) & Playtime (31.01.2017)

Lesson 4 already, means half of the course is already done and it feels like so little time and so few lessons and so much choreography left. Well, at least I think there is much still coming, because the song is really not that short. Or seems at least terribly long. And I still haven´t really become friends with the song itself, even though the choreography so far is beautiful and matches the music. I am always happy when it is over, because that music is just so terribly boring.

I was happy when I heard that I seemingly made progress, so the last playtime really paid off at last. My flexibility was good, and the newly added elements were also working rather well. At first when doing a new trick, I was just sitting in my hoop
and was like “uhm, let me think, what about NO?” – because it looked really instable and surely it ain´t too stable. Nor really easy, but also far less scary than it might look to others and to oneself when seeing it at first. Practice is the key to success, and sometimes my fear or falling is still standing in my way. It gets less every time, and I learned to trust my hands again, but still.

And in combination with the music I am still not really going hand in hand, because I am lacking recognizable parts in music or lyrics to remember when doing the choreography and timing the moves and positions.

Playtime – means repetition time, fighting time, perfection time or just freeing the mind and I gotta admit that it went rather well, though I always tend to forget certain parts of the chorography – probably because I hate this one figure, whilst the rest just works really fine. More or less. As I am not really into doing spagat, I need to practice this more so that it works better when we gotta do something similar in the hoop because right now it looks rather retarded still. Annoys me loads, to be honest. But no can do. Work hard or go home, and I prefer working hard, even though my hands would prefer going home more and more. More blisters, more peeling off skin…but I enjoy every second of the course until now, pretty nie ego boosts at time.


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