Day X+156-160 Winter is back, at times!

More catching up, so you are up to date and not only informed by my weekly summaries 😉 There is a lot of madness going on lately, so it is even for me hard to keep track on what´s happened on every day ^^

28.01.2017 – Day X+156
Muscles aching, but happy to get to my boyfriend´s place and to relax, leave sorrows, worries and everything behind an just enjoy the time, some shopping, some cooking and watching Vikings. Just peace of mind, warmth and feeling like coming home every time. So valuable.

29.01.2017 – Day X+157
After having returned home from my boyfriend´s place, I rushed to get everything done in regards of project plan edits, house scores and everything so that I can relax tomorrow…it went quite well, I was surprised how much I can get done in such little amount of hours if I am motivated for a change 😉

30.01.2017 – Day X+158
A day full of doing nothing. No project plan, no learning, no household shit, nothing. Just me, my computer, the TV, sleeping and being a lazy ass. No productivity, no pressure. No stress. It´s been a tad stressful at the beginning to really not do a thing, because I am so caught up in the hamster wheel that not being busy makes me go crazy…but I got used to it, a tad at least. And in the end I got another call for a job interview during the coming week – good stuff!
In the evening I then was baking ciabatta bread…looks retarded, but tastes good!

31.01.2017 – Day X+159
Woke up with my boyfriend, and really wasn´t in the mood for getting up – but had to, then went early to school even though my coaching appointment had been just around lunch. I thought that I could work on my project plan, but of course for the first time, I had forgotten to put the latest version up on dropbox. So no work on there but as a colleague was sick, I was able to take his earlier place and then went home and did some food shopping. Made the edits that I had to do and started formatting and adding some things that I had to add, worked ahead a bit…I am about to lose will and power for this whole course. I don´t want to anymore.

01.02.2017 – Day X+160
Woke up and was grumpy after a totally not relaxing night…full of odd dreams and nightmares, and I was even mire tired than when I had gone to bed the evening before…what a success! School was…well, it´s not one of my fave topics that we currently talk about, so it didn´t make any better and then I straight rushed to my job interview which at least went well. At least that´s my feeling. Now I am reheating my pre-cooked dinner and then will drop straight into bed…and hope tomorrow will be better…

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