Always on Sunday (28)

It is odd how time keeps running and I am busy to an extend that I personally worry if it brings me really close to a burnout or if I can go strong until the end of my project management course…and today now that my boyfriend left, it is all busy again, no relaxing anymore 😦

// Done // Bread baking, two job interviews and Hoop lesson and playtime. And of course project plan writing as usual and as highlight of the week: going for a candle light swimming with my boyfriend 😀

// Eaten // Went out with my boyfriend and we had some kinda of african food in a small bar/restaurant, which was pretty good – more about that will follow in a separate post on my experience in the restaurant!

// Bought //  A new mobile phone because my Samsung Galaxy S4 is so rusty and screwed uo that it restarts itself 4 times a day on a good day. Attention, sarcasm. It´s just been about time, and as my boyfriend is happy with his phone, I got myself the same one. And though I am one of those Samsung victims, I left this trip and now got myself a Huawai. Once it is there, I will surely be blogging about it…But you know, it´s not been easy for me to go this step because even though it is comparably affordable, it is still quite a junk of money if you´re unemployed…

// Listened to //  Apocalyptica – Nothing else matters
I hate this song because it hurts, brings back memories that are so painful they are still crushing me. And I gotta be prepared for hearing it live in less than two weeks at the Apocalyptica show as it´s the anniversary of their plays Metallica album…and I am fearing to break down again. But maybe, if I listen to it often enough beforehand, I have no tears left…

// Watched //  Lately I am checking out a lot of the Facebook posts of National Geographic and came across this video of a lava “waterfall” pouring into the ocean and as it is something that – no matter how scared I´d be – I would love to be seeing right there where it happens and live and not just on video, I am sharing it…looks just fab!

// Read // It is kinda funny that I am totally no gamer and worked in the gaming industry for a free-to-play games. And yet, even though that I am not in the branche anymore and do not plan to really get back there (not excluding it, but it is no preference for me), I enjoy reading about the games business because I enjoy reading othe rpeople´s views and opinions especially on the online game business. I´ve seen a lot and not everything was that amazing, thus I have my own views- and enjoy challenging my views 😉 I´ve always wondered what it´s about the business model of free to play, and I´ve seen around me that people are hesitant to actually pay for intangible goods such as e.g. apps. And I see myself doing actually the same, though if I see the value in an app, I happily pay because I know what´s behind the development. Anyways, have a look at this article about there being room for high-quality mobile games that are not free-to-play!

// Thought //  Actually it is rather wondering how I am supposed to be finishing off my project plan in time, whilst at the very same time also start learning for my final exam already…I just notice how my attention span has grown tiny, and my stress level is on a permanent high level. It is just feeling like a hopeless case, because I am overworked and so emotional that I literally freak out at the smallest problems and cannot handle just a tiny bit more of stress. I am a fighter, but this is really a challenge that brings me to push my limits. And I am not sure if I am willing and ready for this, but at the very same time I really do not want to give up so close to the end of the course…

// Happy about // What an annoying question…maybe the Apocalyptica show coming closer with big steps? And the soccer match of FC Köln vs HSV with my mum and stepdad here in Hamburg? But to be fair I am most week just too stressed to really bother with emotions, I feel like I simply gotta function…

// Angry about // People that do their laundry downstairs in the laundry room but do not give a fuck to check when they should be taking their clothes out again. I hate it if I need to put out other people´s stuff because I know from myself that it is not a nice thing to do. But if clothes are ready for like 10min+ and noone picks them up and I need to do my laundry to actually have something to wear during the coming week, there is no other way. I so WISH there was a calendar where to mark down your laundry times as it had been in Finland…so easy.

// Wished for // One of my job interviews leading to success, but it doesn´t go that quick unfortunately, it is a damned process that takes quite a while…and I also wished that one company would call me back as they had promised to do, but nothing happened…kinda frustrating and energy draining that whole application process :/

// Dreamt about //  My project management course. It has come that far again, that I really dreamt about the lessons and my project plan last night and woke up totally irritated and annoyed until I realized it was just a dream and my boyfriend was lying next to me in bed…this course drives me crazy, as clearly visible…

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