Always on Sunday (29)

Sundays….I dread them because I then gotta always do all the things I didn´t do during the week. I should be changing this somehow, somewhen, maybe, eventually…and then it got too much and I didn´t get to do it in time anymore. And as WordPress has killed my formatting and doesn´t allow me to do it properly, I gotta change the format this time ^^

// Done //
Job interview on Friday, going to a concert at Elbphilharmonie with my boyfriend also on Friday, hoop lesson on Friday, Hoop playtime on Thursday, school, writing on and uploading my project plan, learning, going out for dinner, having been to the stadium for the soccer match…I think that would be the really short summary 😉 More will follow in my more detailed blog entry on the days ^^

// Eaten //
On Saturday my boyfriend + family + I went to our fave Greek restaurant…and that was so so so much but soooo good aswell. Not only the meat is always fab and the potato fries, too, but also that salad that belongs to the meal my boyfriend and I chose…but it eas far too much so we took some stuff home – which I will be having as dinner tonight!

// Bought //
A gallon bottle for drinking water, especially now that I am home most of the days, I tend to forget drinking quite easily. Also I bought really cute bedlinen with a meerkat on them (I hesitated for so long, but in the end my heart won).

// Listened to //
 Johann Johannson – “Flight from the City”; after the show at Elbphilharmonie I kinda got hooked and it´s the perfect music for learning. At least for me.

// Watched //
The last episode of the 4th episode of “Vikings” and man…too many great characters die and now I am supposed to be waiting for episode 5. How am I supposed to survive this waiting time??

// Read //
…time for National Geographic now again! This time it´s an article with photos on women who escaped slavery at the hands of ISIS. And I personally love the idea behind it, and those stories…makes me speechless and make me happy about my very own peaceful life aswell. Noone deserves to be treated like this.  And what makes me proud – that even though those women do not show their faces (better for their lives), I am so happy that they found the trust to tell their stories and also in some way speak up. It´s really good for also other women in the same or similar situation.

// Thought //
That it´s at times really healthy to not follow the news. I tend to always watch and read news, especially about politics, but I gotta admit I feel better since I stopped (temporarily) to inform myself and just focus on my life and the stuff I need to be dealing with. 

// Happy about //
Time with my boyfriend, and that the Apocalyptica show is coming up. I need a concert really badly, my soul is aching for it so badly…And I am happy I haven´t been struck down my stomach or normal flu though it´s going around for ages already…

// Angry about //
the fact that the dishes don´t clean themselves, the vacuum cleaner doesn´t clean my apartment on its own and…you get the point. I am full of dislike for all kinds of house scores…

// Wished for //
…it being 28th already, so I would have done my oral and written final exams already for my project management and I would be able to take a deep breath and just relax for a bit.

// Dreamt about //
Nightmares keep haunting me, and it´s always someone dying in those dreams. No wonder I am never really fully fit and relaxed, because who can sleep well with such terrible dreams that are there every goddamned night.

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