Day X+166-170 – Learn! Learn! Learn!

Whilst I was yesterday enjoying some time at my hoop playtime and then at my boyfriend´s place, you only just now get to read a little bit of a flashback on the past days so that there is not always too much to read at a time. It´s been busy times and stressful for mind and body, so I always try to take it as easy as possible in my freetime. More of these “flashbacks” will follow shortly!

07.02.2017 – Day X+166
Last real day of school. Felt odd, really…and at the same it´s like the final countdown has already begun for everything. And just that thought already stresses me. But I will make it. Somehow. I hope at least, not sure though. In the evening then it was time to go to the soccer stadium with my mum and my stepdad, and well, the match didn´t go quite as hoped. Kinda frustrating but it felt good to be back in the stadium, though it also meant freezing my ass off…

08.02.2017 – Day X+167
I felt under the weather, I was permanently freezing still as the aftermath of the soccer match. I really only did finish off my project plan and uploaded it to have it all done and that´s it. I cancelled my hoop playtime, because it wouldn´t have worked at all – too tired, too exhausted, muscles too weak…I really hope it is not gonna get worse and strike me down…

09.02.2017 – Day X+168
Hoop playtime after a day of starting to write the cards for learning for my final exam at the end of this month. It´s been hard work, and hard to get motivated to be honest, but I simply had to get this one move practiced…and man my body is bruised. I always look so beaten up…

10.02.2017 – Day X+169
Man, what a busy day though there was no school.  From morning to lunchtime I had a job interview, then in the early evening I had my hoop lesson and then went to train station to have some food before going to Elbphilharmonie for a concert of Johann Johannson. The concert as really nice, I enjoed it a lot. The music is so mystic and full of atmosphere and everything. Justa  pity it started so that that it was over after 1am, and then we were home and in bed I think after 3am. What a long day…

11.02.2017 – Day X+170
A late morning, breakfast in bed before rushing to the shower and learning a bit at my boyfriend´s place before heading to a Greek restaurant with my boyfriend and his family. Man I am so full – but it was so good, and I decided it was going to be my cheat day. but I kinda regret it, my brain tells me that I should be feeling bad about it xD


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