Hoop Lesson 6 (10.02.17) & Playtime (14.02.2017)

LESSON The song is coming to an end, my teacher said. At least something, as we just learned the very last move in the hoop since afterwards and for the rest of the song there is gonna be floorwork only left (not sure if that makes it any easier or not, I kinda dread floorwork anyways). I always look like an elephant trying to look delicate when I am doing floorwork. Nothing for me, really.

So the repetitions of what we already did went rather well, the usual struggles with the roll forward and afterwards getting back up again as I somehow cannot swing enough to get back up fully. And I have no idea what I am doing wrong or should be doing differently in order to really succees. This is also partially the case because my hoop tends to be too low and then I smack my foot onto the floor which does not make it any easier to be saying the least.

So yeah, that last move or rather position…I simply couldn´t get it working, it feels for me as if the worst move comes at the end of the choreography when I am not even having any power left anymore to really put strength into my muscles. Oh and, THIS is the position.

PLAYTIME I had actually planned on taking some shots of that latest hate move aka swining up after the roll forward as well as some shots of the linked position that I struggled with, but as both were not exactly working out as I had wanted them to, I ditched the plan. I didn´t feel like sharing halfway working poses, though it´s better than nothing.

Anyways, the roll forwards is working rather smoothly now, the fear is pretty much done, the stretching after the roll works fine and – yes, improvement – I now managed to have a 50/50 change to swing enough to get back onto the hoop again. Mostly look rather retarded and not smooth and elegant at all, but at least I get up, and that´s my main goal for now. But being clear, this 50/50 chance doesn´t exactly qualify me for being a part of the performance night unfortunately.

The linked position…well. from 1 out of 7 tries in the lesson I scoped up to it working somewhat in 2 out of 7 cases. And this is what worries and pisses me off a lot at the very same time. I am ambitions, and I cannot bring any self-patience along in such cases. I am frustrated, especially because I have no idea what I am doing wrong or what keeps me from getting it working. And that is the damned very last position in the hoop – it´s like stumbling and falling on a meter before the finish line…


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