Restaurant: Soul Flavour

After my boyfriend and I had been swimming, we thought we could try out this restaurant because it was featured in a coupon book that often gives you reduced prices for dishes. I had never heard of the restaurant before, and somehow the outer view of the restaurant also was not too inviting – if I had been just passing by with no proper plan, I personally would have not entered.

But as we had planned this in advance, we went in and the staff was really friendly and sympathetic, I felt welcomed. Was a good start, though the interiour design was
odd. It was a wild mixture of colorful lamps with the restaurant´s logo, rather Spanish /Greek looking tables and dining table chairs…really not matching mixture of all different styles, that was kinda a disappointment as it hindered with having a certain atmosphere coming up.

The menu was presented with vinyl covers – it all looked rather used, and the menu was extremely short so there was not really too much to choose from, but it was easy

Pre-dish that we got – kind of thin bread with dried-tomato creme

to find something tasty sounding. And when it arrived, it also was tasty: Lamb tibs with injera as an addition. The amount of food was okay – the minimum that you could expect for the money I paid. To be fair, I hoped for it to be more, because I really wasn´t full afterwards, yet I had enjoyed the flavors of the not so common spices of this African dish. Also, and what I really liked, was how they brought it – on a little stove with a burning candle inside to have it warm…

You know, overall it clearly was okay and worth coming there, though I am not sure if I would really come back unless the menu grows and the portions also do…

Jarrestraße 60
22303 Hamburg


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