Always on Sunday (30)

It´s been quite a busy and emotional week for me, not only because of exam preparations and the Apocalyptica concert that gave me flashbacks to old times…

// Done //
– Learning for my exam of my project management course
– Gifting unicorn toilet paper to my boyfriend
– Not celebrating Valentine´s day (no need for this commercial day)
– Struggling with pain around the tooth flesh
– Hoop playtime and hoop lesson
– Seeing Apocalyptica in concert
– Making spring rolls for the first time

// Eaten // Selfmade springrolls made with rice paper and heated up in the oven – really tasty, but it takes quite some time to actually prepare it, that´s pretty much the downside of it. Don´t have much time? Then don´t do it…especially not if you´re limited when it comes to space in the kitchen xD

// Bought // Three things actually. And all are related to Apocalyptica 😉 I bought myself a tour shirt (and killed my “buying a shirt only when having attended at least two shows of that tour” rule), a wristlet that has a broken cello string from the Shadowmaker tour included and the white vinyl + CD edition of the remastered “Plays Metallica on 4 cellos” album. I really hadn´t planned to be buying that album but somehow…that´s the fangirl in me, or well, the collector and music lover rather 😉

// Listened to // Apocalyptica and even more Apocalyptica and Apocalyptica again…especially after the show I didn´t listen to anything else anymore. Especially live videos of “Welcome Home Sanitarium” because of Antero playing it…

// Watched // A documentary about wolves in germany – at least episode one of that documentary. It is kinda an old documentary, from around 2001 – funny to see these old big computers and screens and everything, but besides this rather interesting. Though nothing I´d be calling too exciting and a must see.

// Read // Stuff about project management and project management again and…it is going to continue until 27th of this month in the afternoon until when I will be having finished my exams…

// Played// Scrabble! I hadn´t played it for like 10 years and never found fun in the whole back in the old days when I was younger, but this time and without counting points it was so much fun to play it with my boyfriend. Clearly is not gonna be the only time that I played it. I really should be playing more…

// Thought // That it is crazy how many memories a single line up change with Apocalyptica can bring back. That whole show with the line up from my beginning days with the band was just….it felt like being back in those years all of a sudden again. Being that little teenager that has fallen in love with them…

// Happy about // That my boyfriend joined me for the Apocalyptica concert as all of a sudden there were front row tickets available again. It really was important to me that he joins me somewhen because the band and their music is an essential part of my life.

// Angry about // Jealousy that seemingly is really common among fans. It´s not like it´s anything new to me, but it keeps on pissing me off. Why is it so hard to simply be happy for one another´s “achievements”? 

// Wished for // The Apocalyptica show to last forever because it´s still one of the most effective ways for me to really forget everything around me for how long it lasts. But also I wished for this whole hassle to be over with job applications, job interviews and that oral and written final exam. It is eating me up from the inside, it´s like the flame inside of me is getting smaller and smaller…

// Dreamt about // My boyfriend wanting to sing Carneval songs in my apartment and I told him it´s forbidden at my place and he didn´t care so I had to throw him out. I am not entirely sure how to interprete this except for me hating Carneval quite a bit xD



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