Day X+171-174 – Food, sports and learning

12.02.2017 – Day X+171
You know, after having been writing cards for learning most of the time, I had planned to be activating m new mobile phone as I finally had my new tiny Sim card in my hands…but guess what, Vodafone had technical issues and weren´t able to activate the new simcard until later in the evening and man I was pissed off. But then it was all good, and I enjoyed playing around with the phone after initial frustration about all of the apps to installing and settings to change….
Then I decided on some lighter food than last evening, aka the rests of the salad and meat with some Shirataki noodles – perfect match, my boy could have not handled anything heavy tonight.

13.02.2017 – Day X+172
Monday, Funday. Wait, no, not really matching. It´s just yet another day of learning and tidying up my apartment so this chaos doesn´t me nuts anymore even though I know the tidiness won´t last long anyways. But at least I try once in a while. The learning is nerve-killing because I start lacking motivations, I just wanna be through and done with it all, but there is no end to be see. Feels like running through an endless tunnel.
And then the flesh around my tooth started hurting again. This really was the last thing I needed, but well, dentist appointment in a week and until then I need to somehow get through with it.

14.02.2017 – Day X+173
Waking up grumpy, having a nice breakfast that ate too many Weight Watchers points to be fair, but who cares. Gotta take care of that then later on, and since I was going to the hoop playtime, too, I was burning quite a few calories anyways. The hoop playtime, as you might have read already was not going too well, but the evening with my boyfriend was clearly making up for it.
And before anyone asks – no, we did not celebrate Valentine´s Day, as we both aren´t really into it. We can make nice gifts every day, no need to have one set day for it. But spending time  together is for me the best give anyways, so…
And that evening was once again a fun and sweet times, it was hilarious to play Scrabble and in the end then making up words and trying to make stuff sound naughty…I enjoyed laughing so much to be honest. And my salad that was my dinner also just fit right into my Weight Watchers point budget for the day – I gotta watch this a lot as I need to lose more than just a 100g each week…starts to be really annoying to be full honest.

15.02.2017 – Day X+174
Back home in the late morning, and first thing to do was have a chicen soup with some additional ingredients to make it more tasty. I am here and there feeling under the weather, somehow the cold or allergy or both cannot stop bothering because it´s gotta be fun for the body to annoy the most out of me. But body, listen, this is not gonna happen, you are not gonna win, believe me.
Anyways, food shopping was also done, and then the learning marathon once again started. My concentration, well, I was struggling, really. The time passed by and somehow it just got near-impossible for me . But what has to be done, has to be done, no matter of neighbors are hammering and drilling (no, not meant in a sexist way) and making a noise…not really making my concentration and will for learning better. I hope it´s gonna work with keeping everything in my head at least until the exam, afterwards I can happily delete it from my memory 😉


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