Apocalyptica plays Metallica by four cellos – Hamburg – 16.02.2017

It is kinda weird how far away it already feels now, even though it´s just been on Thursday evening. Feels like weeks ago, but maybe it is like with a junkie – you get your dose and kick, and then fall deep and fast when you´re back on withdrawal again. And that´s something I didn´t expect in such an extend to be honest. Sure, it is Apocalyptica, but I´ve been so hyped about Franky being with them that I could hardly imagine anymore how it´d with just cellos and drums. I thought I would really think something would be missing. But – I didn´t feel like this. Not a single second did I miss something.

But anyhow, let´s start with first things first. The venue is around where my school is right now, so it´s an easy way there, though the area realy sucks. Totally not inviting to be walking around or anything at all. But no can do. At least the bus stop to get to main station is rather close by.

So I met up with someone in advance and went for a little walk, whilst everyone else was waiting for their Meet And Greets with the band and had therefore been at the venue really early. I really felt like an outsider there, and that didn´t get any better – rather worse xD I am just not too keen anymore on finding new friends on concerts amongst the fans. It is sad that I need to state that but I made enough bad experiences over the past many years in regards of this. I can cope alone or with superficial and temporary bonding 😉

The venue from the inside is not my cup of tea, because it is so sterile and really offers the atmosphere of a station or so. Not iniviting, nope. And looking at many of the venues the guys played before this was kinda a let down – also because it had not been sold out.

But that didn´t make the show any less great (my boyfriend I managed to get him over to sit next to me by moving everyone in between him and me one place to the side xD). The thing that really annoyed me was the fact I had to be sitting. And sitting. And how the fuck do you headbang whilst sitting? It´s not only more complicated but also no fun and generally felt wrong to sit there whilst they play rock songs. I am not a 100 years old yet, so standing would´ve been just fine right from the start on. But well, cheers to the band to booking only seated venues!

The music…I had feared I would get annoyed about it only being Metallica songs but I was totally fan, and I am not even sure if I enjoyed the full cellos-only part more or the part with drums. Yes, there were two parts, separated by a break. First set without drums, and second with drums where we also were able to be standing which really made me happy. Felt so much more natural to be fully honest. I was just a bit upset about the drums – they looked far better than they sounded, didn´t sound too well in my ears, but as I was focussing on the cellos anways…and I kinda dropped back into the habit of switching between watching Antero (this technique!) and Paavo . It had been like this back in the days, and it really put me back. Back to those days, those feelings, those memories, those happy and sad moments, everything that had been going on there. It really made me emotional and it surprised me how easily that happened. Latest when Antero played the “burning cello” again that they used back in the days aswell, I was done. It was like THE surprise for me because I had been joking ahead of the show that my life would be complete if also that cello would make a return. And there it was! Couldn´t believe it, I think I looked like a deer when seeing a car coming for it.

“Nothing else matters” crushed me again, and this time it was physical pain all of a sudden. I felt like someone was literally stabbing me in my stomach and kept turning this knife. It was insane, and kinda the sad highlight of the show as I really had thought I would have been kinda over the memories connected to the song. But I was totally wrong, but totally happy that my boyfriend was there to hold and comfort me.

And then the show was over. And I was surprised because time passed by so fast it rarely felt as if it had been an hour or anything like this. And I had to admit: I was hooked. Again. and wondered where to see them next.

And here have some short videos that I took:


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